Cosmic Decay: Contamination

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The battle for the Earth has only just begun.

The world is dominated by the Mindless – unfortunate humans who hunt the empty streets of cities and towns in a cannibalistic rage.

Only one person knows the truth, and they’re not talking – at least, not to the small group of survivors who are all that remain, enduring the harsh reality of the dark and decay. Living life against this horrifying backdrop, the survivors are privy to the arrival of Visitors from another world who covet the Earth and it’s natural resources.

When a ship lands near their encampment, the settlement of Earth begins and the group of survivors race to unravel the mystery that connects the Mindless to the Visitors, which will give them their best chance at defending themselves against all odds.

But in the battle to reclaim ownership of an Earth that has already fallen into ruins – is sentience still worth fighting for?

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Secrets of a Party Planner eBook



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Tempest and Temptation: A Collection of Poetry eBook by Benjamin Lewis



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