Goodbye For Now!


I started writing The Party Connection on August 23rd 2012. My first article featured a decadent Candyland Cake and ever since that day I was hooked – on party planning, on writing for The Party Connection blog, and for candyland themed cakes in general!

I’ve written 465 articles over 5 years. I have been honoured to have had The Party Connection viewed across the globe, and I have been absolutely floored by the success that my passion project has amassed. With a background in event management, I always dreamed of being a party-planner, but the need to pay the bills meant that writing for The Party Connection was simply a way to retain a regular connection to the event industry, and a way to keep my passions for party planning alive.

But with this blog another passion emerged – writing. I went on to write for other blogs and websites and was successful at publishing my own projects, including the ebook Secrets of a Party Planner, and my horror/ sci fi novel Cosmic Decay: Contamination. Finally I had found my true calling.

But 2017 threw me a curve ball, and I separated from my husband of 3 years. I was forced to re-establish myself and my identity and in the process developed severe depression, anxiety, an addiction to my phone, and an addiction to alcohol. I suffered massive writers block and struggled to keep myself together, let alone keep my writing and The Party Connection off the ground.

And so it is with a heavy heart that as of today The Party Connection will be going on an indefinite hiatus. When I started this blog I was Courtney Lewis, and then I became Courtney Carr, and I am no longer this person anymore. It’s not all doom and gloom though – I’ve successfully broken the bouts of my depression and as I publish this I am currently on a plane to Vietnam for some much needed adventure. But my passions have changed and I can no longer continue as the moon-eyed party girl behind the keyboard.

I am harder, I am stronger, and I am darker, but I am becoming whole.

So things are changing. My name for one is now Courtney Hope because in the end hope dies last, and hope for the future is all we have. I am still writing, and am currently working on the sequel to Cosmic Decay: Contamination, but I have also developed a brand new blog that more focuses my current interests. It is called This Side of Sanguine, and is dedicated to being the “resident horror expert” that I am. I would greatly appreciate it, if so interested, if you would check it out and follow it if it’s also up your (dark) alley.

In the meantime, all of the content on The Party Connection will still be available and the website will still be operational. To follow my works and purchase my novels you can access my official writing website and Facebook page, which will still be updated and maintained, however the social media pages for The Party Connection will be deactivated in the new year.

For my new project, This Side of Sanguine, you will be able to access new social media pages and content, so I highly recommend that you check it out.

Thank you so much for reading The Party Connection – I hope I was able to inspire you with my words!

Much love,

Courtney Hope

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