Alternative Holidays: A Halloween Christmas

creepmas tree 2014 (8).JPG

Photo by The Spooky Vegan

Yes, you read that right. People like me celebrate Halloween every year, and honestly wish that it was Halloween every day. Why not inject some of the same haunted Halloween spirit into your Christmas spirit– after all, The Nightmare Before Christmas did it, so why can’t we?

Get yourself a black Christmas tree (you can get one from Big W or Kmart!) and hang black, orange or silver ornaments over it for a unique effect. Recycle some of your Halloween party decorations like the spider webs, and get chic Halloween pumpkins decorations like black, gold or glitter painted pumpkins with gold spikes. Use black candles on your Christmas table, decorate with crisp purple or orange napkins over a black tablecloth for your feast, and use black feather wreaths to add the gothic edge.

Avoid going tacky Halloween by keeping it sophisticated, and save the gore for October 31st. The dead bodies, skeletons and skulls belong in the cemetery on Halloween, but the raven taxidermy and décor pumpkins are suitable to ring in the 25th of December.

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Photos via Pinterest

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