The Alphabet Files – “W” Themed Costumes


Wally or Wanda

When I say “Where’s Wally?” there is a certain image that pops up into my head, and that’s of red and white stripes, blue jeans, a beanie, round glasses and a walking cane. If you’re an avid fan of the “Where’s Wally?” or the American “Where’s Waldo?” books, you can definitely channel this super easy costume for any “W” themed party.


Photo via Youtube

Wednesday Addams

There are two types of ladies when it comes to dressing up as an Addams Family character  and they are the ones who will either go as the suave and romantic Morticia Addams, or the more devilishly innocent Wednesday Addams. To dress as Wednesday you do have to think of a more age-appropriate younger style dress, with white collar and black bobby socks. Think dark and innocent, rather than dark and dirty 🙂



For Halloween this year I went as a werewolf, or in more retrospect, the Michael J Fox version of a teen wolf. It’s an easy costume – think checked shirt or letterman jacket, jeans and kicks. All you need is a werewolf style makeup or mask and you’ll be ready to go howling at the moon.


Photo by Matt Root at World Red Eye.

White Rabbit

Going as a white rabbit is a very simply costume, and you can make it as vamped up or as toned down as you would like. All you need is a full white costume, bunny ears and a cotton tail, but if you want to go for an Alice in Wonderland style White Rabbit instead, you can also add a tweed jacket and a pocket watch for authenticity.


Willy Wonka

If you think of eccentric characters of Hollywood then Willy Wonka has to be right up there on the list – I mean, is there any other way to consider a mysterious chocolate-factory owner with a penchant and flair for the dramatics? I don’t think so. For a more authentic and recognisable look, go for the classic Gene Wilder version of Willy Wonka as opposed to the computer-generated Johnny Depp version. Think purple velvet capes, top hats and a cane. Bring some chocolate with you if you can!


Photo via Pinterest


There are certain classics when it comes to Halloween costumes in particular, and dressing as a witch is one of the most classics you can be. If you want to be classic you can channel the black dress and pointy shoes and hat, but you can also develop more of a character route if you are looking to be a little more inspired. Why not go as the witches from Hocus Pocus? Or even Sabrina the Teenage Witch if you’re feeling lazy. There are heaps of characters you choose to go as and I promise we wont even burn you at the stake!


Photo by Just Toy Store via Pinterest

Wonder Woman

With the latest Justice League movie starring Gal Gadet on release, I am pretty sure there wasn’t a woman in sight who didn’t want to dress up as Wonder Woman and run off to join the Amazonians. Well whether you go full Gal or go classic Lynda Carter, it’s not hard to find a kick ass Wonder Woman costume to get yourself in the crime-fighting zone!



I’m not talking Woody Harrelson, but hey if you want to go there that would also be a fun “W” themed costume. I was, of course, talking about the lovable cowboy toy Woody from the Disney Pixar movie series Toy Story. Channel the cowboy with a yellow check shirt, jeans, boots and a cowboy hat and you will be ready to come to life in no time!

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