The Alphabet Files – “V” Themed Costumes

Be victorious at your next themed costume party by dressing up in one of these “V” themed costumes:

V at home.jpg

Photo by Propbay

V For Vendetta

The Character of V in the dystopian political thriller V for Vendetta is a popular character when it comes to costume ideas starting with the letter V. V is an anarchist freedom fighter who attempts to ignite a revolution through elaborate terrorist acts, and the interesting take on what V stands for makes him a popular character anyway.

To dress up as V is very simple and all you need is a complete black outfit, black cloak, a dagger and the classic white V mask which you can buy online. There will be no denying your freedom in this get up!


Photo via Pinterest


Vampires are a classic character when it comes to costumes, and are super easy to do. There are heaps of characters you can choose from, from the classic cloaked Dracula to a recently turned and still super cool bevy of Vampires from True Blood. You can go scary, classic or sexy, and all you need are some vampire teeth and a bit of blood running from lips.


Photo from eBay


There are two ways you can take this idea of going as a vixen to your “V” themed party – you can go full sex appeal and be a vixen in the sexy sense of the word, or you can don reindeer antlers and get into the spirit of Christmas by going as one of Santa’s reindeers that he named Vixen. The choice is up to you!


Photo by LeAnna Vamp


My ex-partner used to tell me that my character is Scooby Doo was always Velma, which made me a little sad, however upon seeing some sexy Velma cosplays I realised that Velma doesn’t have to be all nerd and bookish as she was in the cartoon. All you need is a complete orange outfit, orange bobby socks, platform wedges, black glasses and a crop brown wig. Sex it up or make it classy, and you’ll be rocking a “v” themed party in no time.


Photo by Lia Griffith


Vikings are up there as party costume classics along with pirates – anything swashbuckling, tough and ultimately sexy make for good Halloween costumes. You can get yourself a generic Viking costume or if you want to specifically go as a character from the History Channel TV show Vikings (Lagatha anyone?) this will also more than count!


Voodoo Doll

Going as a voodoo doll last year for Halloween was absolutely perfect because not only was it an opportunity to wear a cute but also sexy costume, but it was also a perfect blending of Halloween horror. I bought my dress specifically from The Costume Box, which also provided me with the tulle skirt and black net stockings. All you have to do is paint your lips sewn shut and you’ll be ready to start cursing people in no time!

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