5 Ways To Use Evil Clowns

With the release of the remake of Stephen King’s IT has come a whole slew of evil clown references just in time for Halloween. If you’re like me and love a good evil clown, than an evil clown is exactly who is going to make an appearance at your next party, and here are some ways you can welcome Pennywise into your venue.


Photo via Pinterest

Table Decorations

Got yourself a clown dummy that you aren’t sure where to put it to maximise the scare factor? Make the clown claw its way out from under the dining table! Prop it up with a balloon and get ready to scare any guest that goes to sit down.


Evil Clown Costumes

Dressing up as an evil clown has made a lot of headlines in recent years as people have been using the fear of clowns against others as pranks, but there is nothing more iconic that dressing up as your worst nightmare for Halloween or for a horror themed party. Channel your inner IT and get the costume out for the ultimate scare factor.


Photo via Private Island Party

Evil Clown Food

Next, you will want to take care of the refreshments for your evil clown party. Having a circus theme like serving popcorn is a great way to keep the clowns dancing at your party, but add a bit more of a sinister twist, like making blood-like strawberry and cream flavoured popcorn, making evil clown head cake that you can cut into, or utilising grenadine for circus striped milkshakes and drinks.


Photo by Koat

Hire An Evil Clown Performer

It was a party norm to have a clown perform at your child’s birthday party, but since we’re going evil why not have an evil twist to it? Of course, you should never harm anyone dressed as a clown in anyway, but you can hire some performers to terrify guests in the lead up to the party – especially the guest of honor.


Utilise Balloons

A single red floating balloon is the signature calling card for Stephen King’s horrifying clown creature IT, so string up single balloons along the path of your venue to lead guests to their doom. If you want to make it extra scary, use black balloons instead and keep all colour out of the balloon decor as possible.

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