5 Ways To Use Bones

I have a bone to pick with you, and it’s not your funny bone! Well, maybe it is if you’re planning on throwing an epic Halloween bash for all of your friends! If you’re looking to get seriously spooky this Halloween, utilise the classically scary idea of bones into your bash. Here are some ways you can do just that, and not end up looking like a complete graveyard:


Dead Bodies

Let’s start with the most obvious – skeletons! No matter what kind of skeleton you choose to use (human, dog, cat, bat etc) go all out and put the skeleton together, but utilise it in a unique way. Instead of just hanging it outside for the world to see, not really scaring anyone, why not make a table sacrifice and put the skeleton on display right in the middle of your snack table so that your guests have to eat it around it. Now that’s an interesting way to incorporate a human skeleton into your party, and can really amp up the freak factor with blood and gore too.



Dress the Part

Dressing up as a skeleton is one of the Halloween horror classic costumes, so if you want to add a little boniness into your party this is a great way to do just that. Get yourself a body morph suit for sleekness and paint your face accordingly and you’ll look amazing!


Go Subtle

I love the idea of incorporating bones into a party in a creepy way – one that might not be so out of the box. For our last Halloween party, I put together a witches alter that utilised candles, sacrificial objects and a few spare bones for the picking. It was a subtle element, but super spooky!


Photo via Pinterest

Pick Your Teeth With Them

There are heaps of bone shaped food items you can serve at your party, whether it’s making bone shaped cookies, serving up bone shaped breadsticks or bone shape twisted pastries, pretzel bones with white chocolate on the ends, or even bone printed cupcake wrappers. They are guaranteed to be delicious, and on point with your Halloween theme!


Photo by Mr Printables

Bag of Bones Invitations

I love the idea of giving someone a “bag of bones” as an invitation. Basically the invitation is printed on several different skeleton shaped parts, and guests have to open the bag (re. envelope) and put the skeleton together to get the invitation to the party. It’s a unique way to invite your guests to your event and sits with the bone theme very well. To print out your own Bag of Bones invitation, visit Mr Printables.com

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