The Alphabet Files – “R” Themed Costumes

We’re getting down the pointy end of the alphabet now, so for all your Rogers, Roberts and Roses out there who are keen to have an “R” themed party, here are some of the best and the most unique costume ideas just for you:


Photo from Frank Heckers


Dressing as a rabbit can be a versatile costume. You can go sexy and dress like a Playboy Bunny (technically a “B” but don’t tell anyone) or you can go comically and dress as Roger Rabbit from the animated classic Who Framed Roger Rabbit? You can be pretty literal and get yourself a full brown, black or white coloured outfit and matching ears, or you can go as the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. No matter what rabbit you choose to go as, make sure you have long floppy ears, a cute button nose and a fluffy cotton ball tail and you will be good to go!


Photo via Pinterest


Rambo is a man’s “R” themed costume dream. Played by Slyvester Stallone and a character who basically ravages a jungle and kills everyone, leaving bodies in his wake, going as Rambo will be an obvious play at an “R” themed party. Get yourself military fatigues or army pants, a black tank top, cover yourself in war paint, carry a machine gun and wear a headband for the perfect Rambo look that will be easy to pull together.


Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood is the classic Grimm fairytale of a sweet little child walking through the woods on her way to her grandma’s house. The little girl in the red cloak encounters a wolf who then basically eats everyone until the lumberjack comes in to save the day (A lumberjack can save me any day!). Going as Red Riding Hood to an “R” themed party is pretty easy – all you need is the cloak really. However, if you want to make it a little more authentic you can dress in a more period style dress underneath, or if you want to make it sexy, avoid wearing a longer dress underneath.


The Red Woman

The Red Woman, or otherwise known as , is the character dressed all in red in the TV show Game of Thrones who (spoiler) brings Jon Snow back to life. It’s a great costume to get, because you can sex it up in anyway that you want as long as you are dressed all in red and have a long red wig to match. Easy!


Photo by LeeAnna Vamp

Rick from Rick and Morty

This was highly likely going to be my Halloween costume for this year, but I’ve since decided to go in another direction. The extremely popular animated TV show of Rick and Morty has given birth to an alcoholic, crude and brilliant scientist with crazy blue hair and a lab coat, and this would make an excellent costume for Halloween – for girls and boys, as the beautiful Leanna Vamp has demonstrated above!


The Riddler

“Riddle me this” will you – The Joker may be one of the most popular Batman villains of all time, but that doesn’t mean that others certainly don’t get their day in the sun too. The Riddler is iconic in his green body morph suit with question marks printed on it and would also make a great costume for those looking to show off a killer bod on the cheap.


Photo via Pinterest


Struggling to think of an appropriate character to go as? Well, Batman’s faithful sidekick is a character nobody ever wants to be second only to Morty. So you will know you won’t have any competition at an “R” themed party. Get yourself a full Robin suit online, and get ready to stand in the shadows of greater men (or women!).



“Romeo, Romeo, wherefor art thou Romeo?” Well he will be right here at your “R” themed party. One of the most famous lovers of all time thanks to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, get yourself a classic Renaissance period style outfit and go find yourself a Juliet at the party!

Or you can just go as Leonardo DiCaprio. That will help you find a Juliet too.

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