Think Before You Click


Photo by Brisbane Bride Maids

Couples can spend thousands of dollars on their wedding photographs. This is because professional photographers can be trusted to get the right angles, are trained in getting the great shots, and can capture both the important elements of the day as well as more spontaneous yet still genuine reactions from guests.

In this age of social media, everyone wants to take the photos of what is going on currently in their world. They want to capture their moments as they happen, and then upload every blurry photo to Facebook instantly so that their followers know what life they are leading. Because of this many spend the duration of a special moment (such as the nuptials or ceremony at a wedding) behind the screens of their phones or their camera lens, and not enjoying the special moment for themselves. They are too busy capturing a moment that they won’t remember because they weren’t actually mentally present for it.

Being present and conscious in a moment is what makes the memories of a special occasion – not photographing it.

Photographs are beneficial for many reasons, but hiding behind a camera will not benefit your enjoyment of a special day. It will also not benefit the bride and groom themselves, who have spent the thousands of dollars on a photographer only to wind up with photos of their guests with cameras in front of their faces. They want photographs of you as a guest enjoying the occasion, not photographing it.

So for those getting married,  ask all guests at the start of the ceremony to put down their cameras and enjoy the moment. For guests attending please to listen to this request. Take photos at the reception, take photos of you with your long lost Aunt before the ceremony, but enjoy the moment while it happens and don’t get busy snapping it. Remember to think before you click.

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