Party Round Up – August


Photo by Regards Coupables,

Good afternoon! I am officially 27 and alive and kicking after my C themed birthday party, but the good times have kept rolling with The Party Connection’s fifth birthday. I’ve been out and about doing some major partying and getting inspiration from all the latest jams, and I can say that this past year has definitely turned into a rager despite all the heartache – sometimes, you just have to party it all out.

For the next year, I am going to continue to try and provide you with some of the best party and entertaining inspiration that I possibly can, but with working on my new novel and getting back into a healthy and positive mindframe, I do apologise if things get a little lax. I promise I will try to keep you up to your elbows in party fun, and I hope you all bare with me as The Party Connection and I work through some major changes in both of our lives!

To keep you celebrating, check out some of these inspiring party ideas and get ready for another fabulous year.

Party Round Up:

Other Articles:

  • I’ve recently discovered the French artist Regards Coupables, whose simple, clean-line illustrations express a sense of tongue in cheek sexuality that gets right to the point. I love the above picture of Cosmic Love and feel like it just summed up a wonderful turning point in my life. If you can, check out some of the beautiful artwork from the link above.
  • Being pretty is a privilege, but we refuse to acknowledge it – until now, thanks to activist Janet Mock from Beauty Beyond Binaries, who has lifted the lid of why being beautiful gets us in more doors than we care to admit.
  • Have you heard of Allie X? She’s an awesome singer I found back in June and her songs like Casanova and Paper Love really spoke to me when I was having huge boy troubles! Read an interview with her from Galore magazine and get to know the cool arty goth behind the music, and find out why Katy Perry is really digging her.
  • Have you watched Taylor Swift’s new music video for her song Look What You Made Me Do? Tay Tay is my guilty pleasure, and the music video does not disappoint! I also loved reading about how her master plan keeps her popular, and this op-ed piece by Taylor herself in The Wall Street Journal.


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