Trending: 80’s Disco Glam

The 80’s are back baby! As a consumerist nation, trends tend to get recycled and what goes around comes back around in slightly new and exciting ways. Well the haydays of the 1980’s are back and are taking over our modern world so here are some ways you can take this current trend and turn it into party gold.


Amp up the Neon

You’ve probably see the growing technicolour trend that was all the rage of the 80’s seeping into the general tones of pop culture at the moment – you can see it in the 80’s glam wrestling Netflix TV show Glow; drenched in the brightly lit neon of Stan’s American Gods or the Charlize Theron movie Atomic Blonde. Colour schemes are all about mixing neon red lights with bright blues and melding them together with purples, greens and blacks. The atmosphere is dark, hazy, and the only lights are the coloured flurescent tubes bouncing off the walls.


Mix Colour With Metallic Sheen

The 80’s were all about mixing things up – clashing patterns, mod lengths, sequins and metallic shine, fishnets and giant hair. Go less Madonna but more Roller Rink and think of cute funky patterns that clash together. Focus on current funky patterns like deep space galaxy prints or deep ocean swirls and mix them with popular items such as donuts, funky cats and rainbows. Add a few shiny metallic elements like a coloured wig or a sequined hoodie and you will be rocking the 80’s glam in no time.

It’s a magical alien world in this modern take of 80’s Disco Glam, so dress appropriately1


Photo from Insomniac 

Reflect, Reflect, Reflect!

Mirror balls in a nightclub were the height of du jour as they allowed the neon and strobe lights to bounce off the mirrors and reflect unique patterns of light across the dancers.

If you’re keen to recreate this 80’s Disco Glam vibe then you are going to have to need to get yourself a mirror disco ball, but you don’t have to stick to the classic round ball shape that were common in the 80’s. Nowadays you can get funky shapes when it comes to your disco balls – shapes like pineapples, giant skull heads, dancers legs, and even a freakin’ shark! Get yourself a funky disco ball to dance under and let the glam take over.

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