Trending: Dusky Pink Colour Palettes

Dusky pink has finally whittled itself down through the fashion world and settled in as the homeware and party colour trend of the season. Suddenly dusky pink throw pillows are making their way onto your bed, followed with chunky knits and other accessories to bring a bit of spring into the otherwise drab season of Winter. If you want to jump on board the current trend and add some elements of this soft colour palette into your next celebration, here are some ways to do just that.


Photo by Stylecaster

Mix it with Marble

Marble was a very popular party element at the start of last year, and if you are anything like me you tend to hold onto the trending items that you buy because what goes around tends to come back around. Well, with dusky pink taking centre stage now, adding in lighter and mixed elements of marble are making a comeback – just make sure you wont use the marbling pattern as the main feature, and use it only as a way to tie the elements in together.

Use the white and black marbled party plates you purchased last time and add in the dusky pink as a highlight. Have a marble quilt cover or pillow and mix it with a dusky pink pillow or throw. Make sure the marble is a background colour, and if you don’t happen to have any marble elements left from your last Spring cleanout then simple use tones of grey and white to hold the colour scheme together and make the dusky pink pop.


Photo from Easy Living Today

Make it Shine

The use of metallics was also a last season trend that is making a comeback to accompany the dusky pink pop of the now, but there is more of a focus on a more feminine style of metallic, as opposed to just biting thou shiny metal asses. Think sparkle and shimmer, with a soft touch, and utilise metallics in more of a brushed silver or a rose gold.

Break out those metallic plates, fun rose gold foil statement balloons, and mix it with the white, grey and dusky pink hues for the ultimate on trend do!


Photo by Wild Flower Linens

Mix the Materials

To keep your Winter warm, using the dusky pink a range of different materials is a way that will sure to keep you on trend. Use items like chunky knits of throws, faux fur rugs or organza table runners. Get soft petals of dusky pink coloured flowers to be the main centrepiece for your wooden dessert table. Mixing fake furs with lighter materials in the dusky pink shade will create a heaven of comfort that will make you feel like you’ve stepping into a cotton candy cloud – and who wouldn’t want to do that?

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