5 Ways To Use Donuts

Donuts are making a big comeback. Honestly, I don’t really know if they ever fully left, but whatever the reason donuts are the new dujour when it comes to fabulous party treats. There are so many things you can do with donuts for your next party and so many varieties of donuts out there that you will be sure to find a flavour that is just your taste.


Photo from Sprinkles for Breakfast

Eat the Donut

The most obvious way to incorporate donuts into your event is to simply serve them as a treat! You can stick some awesome diamond toppers in for extra trend like the photo above, or you can have a donut cake by piling deliciously frosted treats on top of a cake platter. No matter how you orchestrate it, eating your donuts are a great way to make sure our favourite round baked good has a spot your party.

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 9.47.48 pm.png

Photo by Eve and Co Stationary

Donut Invitations

If you’re having a sweet style party, adding a pastel coloured donut to your invitation is a great way to bring this current party trend into your next event. Using colours like mint green, white, pastel pink, and baby blues will mix well with a baby shower, birthday party or bridal party and it proves that donuts will really be as versatile as you would think!


Photo by Studio DIY

Donut Balloons

I love balloons and I will always want balloons at my party, so if you want to incorporate some big random donut shapes into your next event why not simply blow up some foil with helium and let them float around above the heads of your guests? Foil always looks the best, but there are heaps of varieties you can have soo find something that is going to match your theme and get donut crazy!


Photo from Oh Happy Day

Eat Off the Donut

While you’re chowing into your pink frosted extra sprinkle delight, why not catch the crumbs on a donut plate? Luckily enough, these gorgeous little plates from Oh Happy Day don’t have a hole in the middle, so your carpet will be safe!


Donut Inflatables

If you’re having a summer pool party than the best way to incorporate donuts into your celebration is to have heaps of donut inflatables readily available for guests to use in the pool. But if you don’t have a pool and are looking for another use of the donut inflatables, they also make great game items of photo props!

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