Party Round Up – July

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July 31st is here, and boy am I excited because it’s my birthday! I love my birthday. It is one of my favourite days of the year besides Halloween, and I always love to have an epic bash or take a sneaky trip to the snow for the day. This year I will be celebrating very differently and while I know that the day I turn 27 will still be a great one surrounded by my family and friends, it’s also the first one that will be all my own.

While 2017 started strong with a wonderful New Years celebration and an exciting launch for my first novel Cosmic Decay: Contamination, it quickly turned into a bit of a nightmare. For my readers who aren’t aware, my husband Byron (whom you have met through images and photographs on this website throughout the years) and I have decided to separate. And while it was a long and heartbreaking decision and one that I will surely write of sometime in the future, the time came that it was necessary that we figure out who we really are, grow into different people, and live the best life we possibly could.

So the world begins to turn anew. We untangled our roots that had grown together, I moved into a wonderful little house that I now call my own, I bought my own little car, and set up my new life. It’s been such a complicated and emotional half of the year, and I hope moving into my 27th year of life will continue to provide me with new experiences and opportunities.

And while I figure all of that out, I will be celebrating the big 27 with a C themed party. You’ve heard me talk the big talk about alphabet letter costume parties, so I figured it was time I put my money where my mouth is. So stay tuned for the happy snaps of the big day soon!

I love you guys, and thank you so much for being here with me.

Party Round Up:

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  • Jungle Tribe have all the hottest, rocking-est leather accessories that ever existed that I have instantly added all of their models into the sequel of my novel Cosmic Decay. It’s all extremely Walking Dead worthy and I love it.
  • Tunes are my life right now, and they’ve been helping me get through such a difficult time by saying exactly what I mean. Here are some tunes helping me through:

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