Gift Guide: For the Bride and Groom That Has Everything

Back in the day, wedding presents used to be given to a couple who had just gotten married that would help set up their new lives living. Typically, the bride and groom usually didn’t live together until their nuptials, so they were given homestyle items to get them started – things like toasters, kettles and bed linen. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for engaged couples (and even those who aren’t engaged) to be living together for some time before their marriage, so they tend to have their house pretty decked out by the time the wedding rolls around.

So where does that leave you and your wedding gift? If you’re struggling with ideas about what to give the bride and groom for their wedding day, here are a few ideas that can help you out.


Give a donation to their wishing well

Most couples nowadays will have a wishing well at their wedding, which is a cute little decoration that guests put cards and money into to wish them well. Usually these funds go towards spending money on the honeymoon, and are a great way to spread the love for the bride and groom without getting them another toaster.

Not sure how much to put in? Typically you should think about putting at least $50 – $100 into the wishing well from each person attending the wedding, depending of course how well you know them and who you might be pooling your funds with.


Photo by Oxfam

Give a donation on their behalf

Many weddings nowadays also stipulate that they would like a charitable donation provided in lieu of wedding gifts or a wishing well. This is a lovely way to be charitable and provide a loving gift that will help out someone in need. If they don’t stipulate a particular charity or organisation you can give your donation to, get to know the causes they believe in and donate accordingly. There are hundreds of different organisations out there that need your help, but one of my favourite ones is buying some cards from Oxfam that helps countries in animals


Photo by The Daily Mail

Give them the gift of a good night’s sleep

No matter who you are, or who you are crawling into bed besides, having a comfortable place to rest is a must have for a healthy and happy life (and marriage!). Give your bride and groom the best sleep ever by showering them in bed-related gifts to make them comfortable. Think comfortable bed linens, sheets and quilt sets in their favourite colours, sleep packs including camomile tea, sleeping masks and other comfortable accessories, or even matching His and Her pyjamas from their favourite sleepwear stores (mine is Peter Alexander). The bride and groom will thank you for thinking of their comfort.


Photo bu uberlin

Give them a good night in

When you get married, or are in a long-term relationship, nights out tend to become nights in wearing sweatpants, drinking wine and playing games. Use this knowledge to your advantage and get the bride and groom a night in set, including a bottle of delicious red wine (accompanied perhaps by some cheese and crackers and a nice wine glass set) and a copy of a board game that they might like to play. Games like Cards Against Humanity are also a crowd-pleaser, but suss out what kind of games they like to play and go from there.


Photo by Opal Imagery

Give them the gift of your time

There is so much that goes into planning a wedding and putting it all together, and anything you can do to help will be a gift in its own way that the bride and groom will appreciate. Help set up the venue before the wedding by hanging fairy lights, bunting and flower garlands. Help set out the floral decorations, bake the wedding cake (or offer to pay for it) and or lend a hand moving chairs or furniture for the ceremony set up. Your time is precious so give it to your friends as a wedding gift.

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