The Best TV Show Wedding Dresses

Obsessing over the weddings of your favourite characters in your favourite TV shows can practically be a full time job. Whether you’ve followed Jim and Pam’s turbulent will they/wont they love affair up until their wedding at Niagara falls on The Office, or whether you live for the burgundy pantsuit Miranda Hobbs wore in Sex and the City, there are hundreds of TV weddings to compare. I’ve put together an arguable list of some of my favourite wedding dresses from some of my favourite shows.


Leslie Knope – Parks and Recreation

I love Parks and Recreation. When I watch it, I feel like the cast are all my best friends and I absolutely adore the relationship between the good-hearted and enthusiastic Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler) and her nerdy and slightly awkward partner Ben Wyatt (Played by Adam Scott). Their wedding day was marred with drama in the form of a disheartened former mayor and arch-enemy of Knope’s, but the wedding dress that Leslie wore was the stuff of dreams – literally. The dress was designed by the show costume designer Kirston Mann and the skirt is literally a collage of Leslie Knope’s political and career highlights sewn together. And the kicker? Her red heels and flowers were a big send off to Leslie and Ben’s relationship. Kirston Mann said, “If you look back at their relationship, we’ve always put a little red on Leslie when she and Ben have a romantic scene, So of course we had to have a big splash of red for their wedding.” So cute! Leslie Knope’s wedding dress gets my big tick of approval for being so tasteful, elegant and unique for a TV show.


Blair Waldorf – Gossip Girl

Blair Waldorf (Played by Leighton Meester) is one of the ultimates when it comes to on air style icons and her mix of preppy, high fashion and sweetheart style cemented her as a favourite. So naturally, that meant she had to have one kick-ass wedding dress! Blair actually got married twice in Gossip Girl – once to Prince Luis and then to Chuck Bass (Played by Ed Westwick) at the end of the show, and while she looked stunning in both gowns it was her dress that she wore when she married Chuck that really took the cake! Chuck and Blair always had a complicated relationship based on power play, but that’s what ended up making the relationship so damn addicting! She really took things to the next level with her wedding dress, donning a Elie Saab Spring collection dress with a beautiful blue hue. It was old world glamour mixed with a modern high fashion feel that simply sparkled as bright at Blair does.


Robin Scherbatsky – How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother is all about relationships, and whether you’re team Red fan or a team Bobin fan there is no denying the fact that the wedding dress that Robin Scherbatsky (played by Cobie Smothers) wore when marrying Barney Stinson (Played by Neil Patrick Harris) in the show was absolutely stunning! The whole Barney/Robin wedding played out for waaaay too long at the end of the show, only for it to break in half over the course of 5 minutes in the shows rushed season finale, but the Addie gown designed by Monique Lhuillier was a great masterpiece we could enjoy for many episodes. It was very feminine without going too princess-y so the style suited the rough and tough character of Robin, and the sparkly sash that was added to the gown took it up a notch.


Brooke Davis – One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is by far my favourite drama. It has all the right elements, an attractive cast and an addicting storyline. There were tons of weddings throughout the show and the cast all looked stunning in their wedding dresses, but it was Brooke Davis (Played by Sophia Bush) who ruled them all like the queen she is when she married adorable Producer Julian Baker (Played by Austin Nichols). Her dress was naturally a Brooke Davis design like many of the other dresses in the show, and it was similar to the dress she made for Haley’s second wedding, but it just fit Brooke’s style like a glove. It was simple and light with ruffles at the bottom and tight fitting and strapless at the top. The silk belt added that extra sparkle that was perfect for Brooke and the whole day went without too much drama. I love Brooke and Julian together, and their wedding was a long awaited perfection! Also, their first dance was so elegant I may have stolen the idea for my own wedding.


Liz Lemon – 30 Rock

Following the love stories of your favourite characters are usually sweeping and romantic, but there was nothing more unique than the union of Liz Lemon (Played by Tina Fey) and Criss (Played by James Marsden) in the TV show 30 Rock. They got engaged because they had been trying to have a baby together and figured it was easier to adopt if they were married. Viola! Their wedding rings were picked up at police auction, the decorations and clothing from the guests were all haphazard, and Criss wore gold grills in teeth. But the kicker was Liz bucking the traditional princess gown and going full princess – Princess Leia that is, complete with hair. It was the only white dress she owned and she owned it well! If they make a Princess Leia reboot, I’d love to see Tina Fey put into the ring to replace Carrie Fisher!

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