The Best Exotic Honeymoon Destinations

You’ve had the big white dress, the big celebratory affair, and the classic wedding traditions. After being so encased in Chantilly lace, why not get a little more exotic flair for your honeymoon? Here are four honeymoon destinations that will give you a taste of exotic foreign lifestyles.


Photo by Pedro

Cappadocia, Turkey

Chances are you have seen this amazing location and its gorgeous balloon festival all over your Instagram so its hard to beat Cappadocia in Turkey for the ultimate in exotic luxury. One of the area’s most famous landscapes is made up of rock formations known as “Fairy Chimneys”, which jut impressively into the skyline and create a breath-taking area to take in the sights that are carved out by hundreds of hot-air balloons that rise over the canyons. If you’re keen to try hot-air ballooning, this is by far the number one place in the world to do so and will create remarkable and romantic adventures that your will treasure for the whole of your married life.

While this area is known for its hot-air ballooning, there are so many other things to see and do around Turkey – including dropping in on the capital Istanbul and doing some shopping for some excellent exotic wares in the bazaars. To check out some awesome packages to get you there visit Turkey Honeymoon Packages and find out what adventures will await you!


Photo by Kartografia

Thimphu, Bhutan

The Kingdom of Bhutan is only fairly new to the wide world of Western tourism, but it’s already sparked a desire in the hearts of those seeking exotic adventures. Set entirely within the Himalayan mountain range and bordered by Nepal, China and India, Bhutan has a wealth of history, spirituality and lifestyle that has yet to be touched by modern world – and if that doesn’t make it a must see exotic destination then I don’t know what does!

Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan and offers an exciting look into this mysterious kingdom. With hundreds of beautiful mountain-set monastery’s like Paro Taktsand and Dechen Phodrang, there are so many other fortresses and locations to visit. The marketplaces are colourful and vibrant and the quiet reserve of the nation will make for the perfect private getaway if you have the cash to splash!

For more information on honeymoon packages and hotels you can stay in, have a look at Mr and Mrs, or on Black Tomato.


Photo by Prasoon Kumar

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

When you suggest the idea of a honeymoon in Indonesia many people conjure up images of lying on the beach amongst other Aussie tourists in Bali, but Indonesia can offer so much more exotic adventures for those looking to get out of Kuta! Yogyakarta is on the culturally diverse island of Java and one with such a transcendent vibe.

Visit the infamous giant bell statues at the Borobudur Temple – the largest Buddhist temple in the world – walk a sunrise trek up Mt Merapi for generous views that will have you believing you are somewhere in an uncharted world, and visit some of the most vibrant and genuine country lifestyle on offer to get a taste of the read Indonesia.

If you’re keen to give another side of Indonesia a go, check out HerCanberra’s own Kim-Ling ‘s travel blog Travel-Ling for more information.


Photo by Joanna Penn

Uluru, Northern Territory

All Australians at some time in their life need to see Uluru, otherwise known as Ayers Rock. It’s such a significant part of the Indigenous culture of Australia and makes up the beating heart of Australia, all the way in the middle of our great continent. The massive sandstone monolith is a sacred area and a one of the most exotic and culturally admired location in Australia.

There are many beautiful activities that can be undertaken at Uluru and in Alice Springs, including dining and walking under the cloudless stars in the red centre, taking a camel ride along the red sand, and even just hanging out at some of the luxurious hotel pools like a mirage in the desert. Visit the glorious Ayers Rock itself, and enjoy something that is quintessentially Australia.

For more information on how to book your honeymoon getaway to Uluru, check out Uluru Travel for more ideas.

I hope you guys enjoyed the four piece article I put together on honeymoon getaway ideas. If you used any of these ideas or want to see anything else in particular, drop me a line at and I will see what I can do for you!

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