5 Ways To Use The Stars

The stars have always been captivating. Looking up into the sky and revealing at the mysteries of life have inspired thousands. So why not take a leaf out of one of the most astounding inspirational elements out there and use the stars to decorate your next party? Here are some ways that you can do just that.


Photo via Pinterest

Light It Up

As a wise warthog once said about the stars, “I thought they were balls of gas burning billions of lightyears away.” Use the reality of the nature of stars and make the twinkle of the lights of the best way to incorporate the stars into your next party. Set up rows upon rows of tiny fairy lights against a black curtain or backdrop and you will have a stellar display fit for the galaxy!


Photo by Mandy Johnson for A Beautiful Mess. Photos edited with Stella of the Signature Collection

Make It Trendy

Statement balloons are a very trending party element right now, so make your star themed party on point by including some rounded helium balloons in your party colours. Put them together against a plan wall to make a perfect DIY backdrop for photos and selfies, or use them as the background for your dessert table. Easy, and super cute!


Photo by Mandy Johnson for A Beautiful Mess. Photos edited with Stella of the Signature Collection

Star Shapes Are Key

The stars we use in our every day decoration have a very particular shape, so make sure to include it in any star themed party. You can incorporate this by cutting out stars from glittering or gold cardboard and putting them everywhere – making bunting or string garlands out of them, using them as decorations for your table, and even using them as confetti.


Be Translative

Stars are also a term we use for celebrities, so why not be a little bit more translative with your star theme and go for a Hollywood take? This would work really well if the reason you are having a party is because you’re having an Oscars watching night, or want to get a little bit more fabulous. Have your guests dress up as their favourite “stars” and get fancy!


Photo by Mandy Johnson for A Beautiful Mess. Photos edited with Stella of the Signature Collection

Shoot For The Moon

There are other things in the night sky other than the stars, and a great way to mix up the theme is to add in other elements of sky and space. Think of adding in the shape of the moon, the shape of planets (you can you a variety of rounded items to make the planets up), and even some of the constellations. You can add these elements in using any of the ideas I’ve showcased here, including adding it in as bunting, pinatas, balloons or even food.

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