Are You A Bohemian Bride Or A Modern Muse?

So you’re getting married. Before you even have time to plan anything you are going to be bombarded with wedding questions, and none more pressing then “what kind of bride are you going to be?”

Let’s face it, there are more than two different styles of brides out there. There is the contemporary bride, the chic vintage bride, the classic sophisticated bride, the bridezilla, the layback bride, the eloping bride, the bohemian bride and the modern muse. There are as many different types of brides out there as there are wedding dresses and brides themselves. But to keep it simple, I’m going to help you figure out which umbrella bride category you fall into – either the Bohemian Bride or the Modern Muse – by answering these simple yes or no questions.

Then you can go nuts on the decorating and planning to ensure it all falls into the appropriate style for you.

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Photo by Rock n Roll Bride

Are you the Bohemian Bride?

  • Are you more of a laid back person, who is a bit more down to earth and willing to negotiate?
  • Do you have a penchant for mother nature and having a more eco-friendly event that is about sharing the love you feel with your partner?
  • Do you love long whimsical fabrics such as lace, cotton, and earthy objects like pearls and leaves?
  • Do you absolutely love, love, love adorning your head with accessories such as guilded crowns, metallic work leaves, feathers and pearl headbands?
  • Are you at peace in the great outdoors?
  • Does the idea of a Bride Tribe satisfy something deep inside of you?

Then you are definitely a Bohemian Bride! You’re in great company with the likes of other bohemian brides including Troian Bellisario, Nikki Reed, Jamie Chung and Kelly Clarkson.

When planning your bohemian style wedding there are five key elements that you are going to need and they are:

  1. Headbands & Flower Wreaths – Adorn your head and those of your bridesmaids with beautiful pieces that are etched and inspired by nature. You can even have flower crown making workshops for your Hen’s parties to bring the style of the wedding into your other celebratory events
  2. Casual & Flowing Wedding Dresses in lace and natural materials. For more ideas on the appropriate dresses that will work for you, check out my article on Bridesmaids Dress Inspiration and focus on the more bohemian and free-flowing gowns.
  3. Mix & Match flowers, centerpieces, dishware, etc. – Nothing has to match. Focus on an organic colour or material theme and work from there. Let everything fall organically!
  4. Lots of the outdoor & nature inspiration – Get married outdoors in the garden under a beautiful array of fairylights and on top of a contemporary organic Arabian rug. Use flowers and greenery to adorn your wedding tables and bring the outside in!
  5. A touch of whimsy – Think romantic and maybe incorporate a nature-inspired ceremony into your vows. If you want, you could have a bonfire or even set up some whimsical events that are sure to take your guests breaths away.


Photo by We Are Origami Photography

Are you a Modern Muse?

  • Do you prefer things to be well-ordered in your life and love to plan, organise and arrange things?
  • Do you sometimes find it a little harder to go with the flow and would rather stay in control?
  • Do you prefer things to be more clean-cut and precise as opposed to more free-flowing? Are the clothes that you wear in your every day life more A-line and straight than relaxed?
  • Do you prefer more simple and modern accessories?
  • Do you get excited about the idea of a more classically run wedding?

Then welcome to the clubs of the Modern Muse bride! You share it with similar celebrities such as Kate Middleton, Heidi Montag, Sofia Vergara, Lily Allan, Drew Barrymore and Liv the character played by Kate Hudson in Bride Wars.

To have yourself a Modern Muse style wedding, there are 5 key elements that are going to make your day perfect:

  1. Embellish delicately – Be feminine in your embellishments and think of sequins, crystals, pearls and diamonds and add them to your accessories in an understated way. Have one large eye-catching piece like dangling chandelier earrings or a delicate shawl.
  2. Princess or Contemporary Wedding Dresses –  Think of long straight column wedding dresses, or for a little bit more embellishment go for a classic princess style wedding dress. For more ideas on the appropriate dresses that will work for you, check out my article on Bridesmaids Dress Inspiration and focus on the more contemporary and sleek gowns.
  3. Symmetry, Darling! – Make sure everything on your wedding dinner table is as neat as possible. Think of clean, straight lines, crisp linens and matching tableware. Go formal, and enjoy the formalities of it.
  4. Classic wedding ceremony locations – Instead of going overboard on a unique wedding venue, seek inspiration from the classics. If you’re religious, a church wedding would be perfect, but if not think of other destinations that suggest modern romance such as a vineyard, estate or manor.
  5. Update the classics – just because you’re a romantic heart doesn’t mean you can’t bring the romance into the 21st century. Add in some romantic readings that you love (references to Love, Actually is totally allowed) dance to your favourite modern beats at the reception and have a simple yet dignified colour scheme to let the day pop.

Even though I had more of a casual beach-themed wedding, I definitely fit more into the column of being a Modern Muse, rather than a Bohemian Bride. So let me know, are you a Bohemian Bride or a Modern Muse? Let me know in the comments section below!

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