Have A Riverdale Themed Party


I love the new Netflix TV show Riverdale – it’s so 50’s mixed with noir and gives off both a great One Tree Hill dramatic vibe mixed with The Vampire Diaries. For those that don’t know, Riverdale is the new TV show based on the Archie comic books and brings to life the infamous question – are you a Betty or are you a Veronica? (I’m a Veronica).

If you’re looking to have one hip party that will be sure to be a favourite for both the fans of the TV show and the comic books back in the day, here is how you can bring your own Riverdale to life – hopefully sans murder.


Photo by Styled by Belle

Focus on the Fifties

Riverdale is based on the Archie comic books of the 1950’s, so the TV show has an overall 50’s vibe that is especially apparent when the gang hangs out at Pop’s – the classic 1950’s diner complete with paper hats on the waiters and red vinyl chairs. Bring the 50’s into your Riverdale by focusing on the food and serve classic diner food such as mini burgers, fries, milkshakes, hot dogs, popcorn and colas. Set your colour theme to the classic vinyl red, black and white and you will be ready to go!


Add in the noir

The two themes of fifties and noir couldn’t be more opposite if they tried. One is super bright and bubbly and well, Betty, and the other is dark and mysterious and pretty Veronica like. So maybe in a way, the two themes are perfect for a Riverdale style party!

Mix your noir theme into the neon lights that will be pulsing throughout your dance floor. Think red and blue lights, add in some blue balloons and crepe paper for a classic high school dance style vibe to your party, and maybe add in some karaoke to pick up on Archie’s desire to be a singer. Perfect!


Don’t go too overboard with the decorations

It’s hard for me to say this because I love decorations sooo much, but when Riverdale parties they don’t go too overboard on themes or decorations. They usually add in some balloons, streamers, red paper cups and confetti – you know, the usual teen party decorations – and there you have it. Riverdale teens for the win!


Dress the Part

If you’re having a themed party you have to go as one of the characters – end of story. Finally answer the question of whether you are a Betty or a Veronica by tying your hair up into a neat blonde ponytail and wearing pastels like Betty, or go in deep purple with dark eyebrows and hair like Veronica. Channel your inner Archie by donning a football uniform, or add a crown hat like Jughead. Whoever you go as, channel the original characters and have fun with it!

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