Don’t Just Sit There…


Photo by Sarah Watson from Flossy Photography

There used to be two types of events – a formal ram-rod-straight-back dinner usually reserved for weddings and high class functions; and a casual stand-around-a-table with sore heels cocktail soiree. But what happens if you want to mix the two and serve a more formally plated menu with a casual atmosphere? This is where lounging comes into play!

Lounging is the perfect party set up for when you want to have a sit down or plated menu without all the fuss. The idea is to set up a low table with your full spread on the menu and then “throw” or arrange more casual and low to the floor seating options around the table. These seating options can be anything from bean bags and low lounge chairs to picnic rugs and pillows.

When choosing your lounging options, it’s always important to keep your theme and decor in mind in order to maximise the party experience. Think of the following elements when tying your lounging location together:

  • Use a mixtures of colours that work with your theme. Think bronze and blue, gold and blacks, pinks and whites etc. and maximise the colours available in your lounging props.
  • Think of appropriate decor ideas to match your venue or event location such as using a mixture of materials such as a faux fur, faux leathers, knits and tassels with a rustic table or using a fake Persian rug with banana leaves to incorporate the natural elements for a more outdoor event
  • At a lounging event, comfort is paramount! Pillows, cushions and anything soft are the go!

For more ideas, check out some of these great works of party lounging:


Photo by Third Eye Photography


Photo by Third Eye Photography


Photo by Sarah Watson from Flossy Photography


Photo by Sarah Watson from Flossy Photography



Photo by Bel Combridge Photography

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