How To Throw A Recovery Brunch Like Katy Perry


Photo via Katy’s Pics

Recovery Brunches are the new thing thanks to the likes of Katy Perry throwing one on Easter at Coachella to launch her new signature shoe collection, and while these kind of brunches have been thrown after weddings for some time now, Perry have revitalized the brunch and dared to call it what it is! Here are some ways you can throw your own Recovery Brunch:

Remember what a Recovery Brunch is all about

Recovery Brunches are exactly that – a brunch held to help you recover and revitalise from a big night the evening before. It could have been a birthday party blowout, a wedding, or a concert ala Katy Perry, but no matter the reason for the celebration you are now hungover as all Hell and looking for grease.

Well instead of reaching for the hash browns, Recovery Brunches are here to help you recover in the smartest way possible and this is something to remember when planning your own. First up is the start time – anything past noon can’t be considered brunch, but anything too early is the devil. Make it an nice even ten or eleven am start and you won’t get that many death glares. Also, don’t get mad if people are late – they might just be throwing up in the bushes outside.


Photo by Katy’s Pics

Serve recovery food

Hangover food must be available at a Recovery Brunch but avoid doing a mad run to McDonalds and stock up healthier recovery alternatives. Powerade, coconut water and vitamin elixirs are a great way to refuel, but for those in need of some alternatives you can serve Bloody Mary’s (or have your own Bloody Mary bar), orange juice and/or Simosa’s for those in need of a bit of “hair of the dog that don bit your ass” and even just good old fashioned water.

Serve snacking food with a little less grease like sliders, fries and pizza – the plainer the better but the smaller the cuter!


Photo via Katy’s Pics

Bring in the right decor

I’m a big decorations person at a party, but unless you are going to get up early after pulling an all-nighter (which you aren’t, let’s face it!) there is no way in Hell that you are putting up fiddly balls of paper pom-poms the next day. Go easy on the decorations and keep it simple, do what you can the night before, and take it chill!

The most important decoration item are places to lie down for those who have the room spinning. Put out picnic blankets, bean bags, low seats and lounges and decorate with hundreds of cushions rather than streamers. These will be the decorations that your guests will actually notice.


Photo by Katy’s Pics

Keep the party going

Katy Perry’s Recovery brunch also provided some much needed yet very cosmetic recovery solutions at her shoe launch and included things like a pop up oxygen bar and reflexology massages. You can even do the hydration therapy technique making the rounds and hire some IV Drips to get your fluids back up.

And for those people who aren’t that hungover it’s important to give them something to do for being so good at holding their alcohol- garden party style jumbo games like Jenga and croquet make for perfect and easy brunch games!

So there you have it – even as the sun starts to rise there is no need to stop the party. Put on your sunglasses, have a Recovery Brunch and get ready to do it all again.

And while you’re at it, check out Katy Perry’s new shoe collection here!

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