Party Round Up: May


Photo by Byron Carr

It’s May, and that means *Nsync/ Justin Timberlake jokes, nerdy remarks of “May the 4th be with you!” and spending some quality time with our mothers. Life has certainly been throwing some curve balls my way over the last couple of months or so, and it’s been a pretty difficult time that is resulting in a lot of questioning, a lot of big decisions and big changes, and a lot of growth and moving forward. You might see the end result in a blog of some kind, but for now I am holding it pretty close to my chest and distracting myself with some amazing inspiring events taking hold of the internet this month:

Party Round Up:

Other Articles:

  • Welcome to the Museum of Ice Cream,the most Instagram worthy destination in LA!
  • Sophia Amoruso is big. She’s had a multi-million dollar fashion empire, published two books about her life, is the coiner of the term #girlboss, and has Netflix TV show based on her life. That’s pretty big. But she’s also had to file her multi-million dollar empire for bankruptcy and recently gotten a divorce. Instead, she’s now focusing on being strong and her essay on Starting Over is a great testament for times of change. She says, “My boyfriend reminded me of the sophomore album syndrome: a band puts out an incredible first album, tours it, and is under contract to write another immediately after. They’re fucked before they even begin because they haven’t had the time to live a life worth creating from. I’ve been trying to write my sophomore album while outrunning my own pain and it didn’t take long to hit the bottom of that very shallow choice.” So what are you doing with your sophomore album? I know I need to find out…
  • This article from Gala Darling about what if divorce could be a blessing? is one of the realist articles I have read for a lot time and certainly makes you sit up and read between the lines of your relationship.
  • I’ve been rediscovering my taste in music lately and Halsey is one of my favourite singers. I’ve had her new song “Now or Never” on repeat all month, not to mention my guilty pleasure Katy Perry and her new song “Bon Appeite” and basically EVERYTHING from Starset.

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