The Best Countryside Honeymoon Destinations

When it comes to choosing your honeymoon nothing tends to spark the image of a romantic getaway more than a countryside manor with rolling green hills and elegant wind-swept scarfs fluttering behind you in an old-school automobile. If you are looking for your perfect romantic country style honeymoon I have all budgets covered.


Photo by Jack Pease Photography

England, United Kingdom

England is part of the United Kingdom that is made up of Ireland, Scotland and Wales and its history is deeply entrenched amongst many other countries due to early settlers jetting out from England on voyages of discovery. Well known for its monarchy, literacy and musical past, England is also well known for its countryside manors and classic traditions.

With its epic rural escapes complete with dramatic landscapes, patchwork hills, winding country roads and ancient woodlands, England has to be the go to for a romantic honeymoon with all the trimmings. If you’re looking for a great escape with your newly minted husband or wife, there are dozen of countryside towns to choose from including Essex, Cornwall, Yorkshire and Oxfordshire (let’s face it, if you’re travelling to a place with shire in the name then you know you’re in the right place).

Each area boasts its own version of iconic English countryside with heaps of things to do and see so you won’t be short of your dreams of driving around in your Baker Boy hats and wrapped scarves and sunglasses.

If you’re looking for more information on the English manor honeymoon of your dreams, check out Trip Advisor for some adorable manor and B&B options.


Photo by Paul Van Der Werf

Maine, United States of America

Maine is the northeasternmost state within the United States of America and is boarded by Quebec in Canada, Vermont, New Brunswick and New Hampshire – all of which would also be great places to vacation if you are craving some English style countryside for your honeymoon.

With its jagged coastlines, rolling mountains, heavy forests and cold climate, you will absolutely be excused for mistaking Maine for the English countryside. There is a lot to keep you occupied as well, if one of its cozy remote cabins or B&Bs aren’t enough for you, as there are heaps of history and art museums, pretty lighthouses and forest walks to be done.

With flights to America somewhat cheaper than absconding to England itself, a Maine honeymoon is the perfect way to bring England to you. Check out Resorts and Lodges to help you on your quest for the ultimate romantic honeymoon.


Photo by Herry Lawford

Taupo, New Zealand

Taupo is a town that is near the centre of New Zealand’s North Island and is a go to town for adventure and thrill-seekers due to its close proximity to activities such as jet-boating, bungee jumping, hiking along the cascades of the Huka Falls and even hot springs like the Craters of the Moon. It’s near to Rotoura, a town which boasts similar adrenaline filled activities, but the reason that Taupo made this list of romantic country honeymoon escapes is actually the setting of the town itself.

While it’s not a village like those found in Cornwall, Taupo has the cozy and comforting feel of an alpine ski village without the effects of the snow. For honeymooners looking for a country style retreat there are heaps of different cottages and lodges on offer to appease the romantic vibe, and the bonus of pretty much having a hot tub in every accommodation definetly helps!

For more information about finding romantic honeymoon accommodation in Taupo, check out New Zealand Tourism for more.


Photo by We Are Origami Photography

Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia

The Southern Highlands of New South Wales in Australia encompasses many small towns including Bowral, Mittagong, Moss Vale, Berrima, Bundanoon and Kangaroo Valley. Each area is rich in its own sweet countryside escapes and the drive through the villages makes for excellent exploration while on a romantic honeymoon.

B&B’s and guesthouses are a plenty here, boasting rustic and rural charm mixed with colourful gardens, leisurely activities, delicious wine and vineyards, and even spas to enjoy. The feeling is both rustic and rural and also luxurious, making the Southern Highlands one of the best spots for visiting honeymooners and couples.

The best part? It’s right at our back door! Just a short drive from the south coast of Australia, from Sydney and from Canberra, a honeymoon in the Southern Highlands would be the perfect romantic escape for those with little cash to spend.

For more information on honeymooning in the Southern Highlands, check out Trip Advisor to get the best deals.

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