Alternative Celebrations: The Puppy Shower


Let’s face it – dogs are the furry children we have when we don’t have children. We love their little fluffy buns just as much as we would love our human babies and in this day and age dogs are being more and more accepted in our lives and at special events. We have them attending our weddings, being the superstars at the party that people want to talk to, and even having birthday parties for their own special days. We even have pawternity leave popping up in certain awesome lines of work!

But you know what we don’t have and should? Puppy Showers!

No, I’m not talking about lying down and have puppies fall on your head (though that would be great!) I’m talking about having a baby shower celebration for when you get a new dog.

We have baby showers for when newly pregnant mothers are celebrated, gifts are given to help provide for the newborn, and games are played. Champagne is drunk (except by the mother) and everyone smiles and has a great time.

But what if you’re not having a baby? What if you are one of those ladies like myself who aren’t thinking of having children? Why do you get to miss out on fun celebrations like baby showers? Well, now you don’t if you host a puppy shower.


Photo by Gomagoti

New puppies need a lot of attention and flashy new wares, but there is also a great practical reason as to why you should have a puppy shower. New puppies need to socialise and get used to all kinds of new environments, people and animals, so having a celebration for your new little friend is a great way to do just that!

Many hosts of a puppy shower theme the event along the same lines that you would for a baby – think pink and blue decorations (with a few white bone shaped bunting mixed in) and even puppy friendly desserts served for their future four-legged friends (don’t forget about the human guests too!) and you can play some similar baby shower games such as having a name contest (if you are struggling to come up with a name), hide and seek with treats, guess the puppy’s weight or even having a best trick contest.

Organisationally wise, a puppy shower is very similar to a dog birthday party. If you want some ideas and tips on what to do, check out the birthday party we hosted for our Japanese Spitz Buddy on his fourth birthday party. I’d also love to know if you had a Puppy Shower and what you did, so please please please send me pictures to or let me know what you did in the comments section below.

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