Trending: Unicorn Toast


Photo by Vibrantandpure

Unicorns are the du jour item of the moment and there’s yet another unicorn themed item taking over your Instagram account – Unicorn Toast! It’s cute, fun, rainbow-coloured, super easy to make and looks great on your feed, so why not give this trend a try!

Instagram influencer Adeline Waugh is a food stylist and photographer at @vibrantandpure and is the face behind the glowing rainbow trend. In a recent Teen Vogue interview, Waugh explains her recipe behind the madness and it turns out all she does is put together a simple mixture of almond milk, cream cheese and natural food colouring. Put the mixture in different small bowls, place evenly on your bread and then use a knife to blend it all together. Add some sparkles and stars on top of extra amazingness and you will riding the rainbow with your unicorn friends in no time!

Unicorn toast doesn’t have to be bad for you either. Waugh uses natural food dyes to avoid all the toxic and harmful chemicals you can get from other dyes. She used colours made from beet juice to make the hot pink colours, freeze-dried strawberry powder to make light pink, tumeric to make orange and yellow, chlorophyll to make green, spirulina to make light blue, and freeze-dried blueberry powder to make purple.

I loved Waugh’s idea of making the toast out of natural food dyes, but being a vegan I am super iffy about the idea of using cream cheese. Luckily for us, there’s a vegan option out there too! If you’re keen to make your own but are against the dairy industry, you can purchase ready made cream cheese or make your own out of cashews, nutritional yeast and lemon. You can find a receipe for vegan cream cheese at BBC Good Food now.

Let me know if you give Unicorn Toast, Mermaid Toast or even Galaxy Toast a try and hashtag @thepartyconnectionaustralia in your Instagram post for me to share it with the world!

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