Gift Guides: The Best 2017 Mothers Day Gifts

Mothers deserve to be spoilt rotten – after all they were the ones that helped put you together, carried you and looked after you for nine months, they raised you and they love you! In Australia, Sunday May 14 marks Mother’s Day as the day we all get together and thank our mothers for being so special and critical in our lives.

If you are struggling with inspiration on what to get your mother for Mother’s Day this year, here are a few ideas that just might help.


Photo by Nectar and Stone


If your mother has a sweet tooth than look no further than Nectar and Stone, a Melbourne based dessert company that focuses on creating delicious dessert  with a unique and modern look. Their pastel delights are perfect for the soft tones of Mother’s Day celebrations

As an extra bonus Caroline Khoo – the creative face behind Nectar and Stone – has released a recipe book called I’m Just Here For Dessert  just in time for Mother’s Day. The book details some of her amazing designs, including macarons, mini cakes, truffles and cupcakes and a signed copy is available for purchase. Head to the store and pick up a copy for your mother today!


Photo by West Elm


If you have yourself a modern mum who prides herself in her home, décor and entertaining skills, then you need to hit West Elm’s website in a hurry! This Brooklyn based home ware store has several stores around Australia and ships internationally, so will be bound to find something to suit your mothers tastes.

One of my favourite gifts from West Elm has to be their flatware sets because gone are the days of polished silverware and marital cutlery. Now you can get elegant cutlery and flatware that will be at home on a modern entertaining setting as well as for everyday use. Available in rose gold, copper, gold and black, these flatware sets will be the main decoration piece at your mother’s next event for years to come!


Photo by Peter Alexander


When they were younger, my mother and my well-loved Great Aunt loved nothing better than walking through the front door after a busy day and getting straight into their pyjamas and dressing gown for some well-deserved R&R. If your mother is the kind of woman who loves to get cozy and comfy in her pyjamas (or heck, if she just loves to whip her bra off the moment she gets in the door) then this is exactly the kind of present you should get her, and here in Australia there is no pyjama King quite like Peter Alexander.

With a delightful range of comfy, cozy and fashionable pyjamas, slippers, dressing gowns and accessories, you will be absolutely sure to find something that any kind of mum would love!


Photo by Samantha Wills


All ladies love jewellery, and when your mother/wife/girlfriend tell you that they don’t want a birthday/Christmas/Mother’s Day what they really mean is that they would like some jewellery. One of my favourite jewellery designers has to be Samantha Wills, who designs luxurious and bohemian style jewellery out of Melbourne, Australia.

While the Samantha Wills jewellery encompasses many different styles of wear, including bracelets, cuffs, earrings and necklaces, the signature item has to be the Bohemian Bardot ring. Large and in charge with different styles and colours available, including sea foam green, black and white marble, rose quartz, bright red or even shiny gold. If you score one of these beauties for your mother, it will guarantee you free meals for a year!

So tell me, what are you getting your mother this year?

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