5 Ways to Use Flamingos

Birds of a feather flock together, and this time flamingos are looking to make a big comeback once the unicorn gets out of the way. These graceful bright pink birds have been a staple for any tropical themes for a while now, but if you’re scratching your head about different ways to use them then I have you covered on this month’s 5 ways to use.


Photo by Beck Rocci Photography

Float your way to flamingo Heaven

Pool floats were big over the last two Summers and it was the Sunnylife giant pink flamingo that lead the way. While other shapes graced the pool, such as toucans, swans, pizzas and donuts, there was never anything quite like the graceful elegance of the flamingo.

If you’re having yourself a pool party it is practically a necessity that a flamingo pool float be hanging nearby, so pick up one of these popular accessories and have yourself a splashing good time.


Photo by Soda Fountain Photography for Kio Kreations

Use them the way that God intended – as lawn ornaments!

Before flamingos were an all-round sensational décor item they were popular as plastic lawn ornaments reminiscent of the 1950s pop era. Nowadays you can buy your own plastic flamingo lawn accessories from many different online and department stores, and you can even buy gothic skeleton versions that are perfect for your next Halloween party. So if you are looking to introduce the silhouette and shadow of the flamingo into your next garden party, sticking a pair or two of these lawn ornaments amongst the hedges will be enough to take your guests to Wonderland for the evening.


Photo by Studio DIY

Top your cake with them

Flamingo cake toppers can be used in a bunch of different ways, including having two smaller versions of the lawn ornaments topping a cake in true tropical wedding style, or even having the flamingo heads poking out of pink buttercream icing. Either way you use them means that this is a delicious way to incorporate flamingos into your next event.


Photo via Chicwish

Wear them!

One of my favourite shopping brands Chicwish are leading the game when it comes to super adorable flamingo print skirts and dresses, and any one of them would make an excellent way to bring flamingos to the game. You can certainly find other patterns and styles out there too that incorporate the flamingo, so have fun with it and put your best flamingo foot forward.


Photo by Beck Rocci Photography

Be unique in your party accessories

There are so many flamingo themed items out there that there is no way that you have to settle for some boring and plain flatware, paper cups or plates. If you’re looking to add some extra fizz to your drinks, serve your champagne in a flamingo shaped flute. If you are serving sushi at your party you can get some adorable flamingo shaped chopsticks. Straws, drink stirrers, toppers, you name it, Google can find a store that sells it for you. So don’t settle for ordinary, aim for extraordinary and the flamingos will come running!

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