Party Round Up: April


Ah April – the time for public holidays, eating a lot of delicious food and chocolate, and gearing up the long winter months ahead. I hope you have had a delightful Easter break, and if you managed to make it cruelty free thanks to my tips I posted earlier I would love to hear about it! It’s definitely worth considering the kind of things that have to go into making your foods, even if it is food you love.

April has been quite busy for me. I had another book signing, I celebrated my dad’s 60th birthday with the uncles and aunts, and I am just trying to get my life back together. It’s been a tough couple of months and quite a rollercoaster at times (even quite literally I went to Movieworld at the end of March and road many a rollercoaster while I was there!) but I am still here and still chasing inspiration. Check out a few of this articles and blogs that have been inspiring me this month:

Party Round Up:

Other Articles:

  • Linea Johnson’s tips on handling the Perfect Chaos that is her depression and bipolar are very insightful and worth looking at it if you are struggling yourself.
  • Lauren Cohen, who plays Maggie in The Walking Dead, is by far my favourite actress and she is absolutely fierce in this Harper’s Bazaar article!
  • Love skateboarding? Furthermore by Equinox has some kick ass fitness regimes you can do with a skateboard!
  • If you need something to binge watch that will keep you up all night, look no further than the new Netflix TV Show Thirteen Reasons Why. It’s about a girl in high school that commits suicide and leaves a series of tapes for the people in her life to listen to and discover why she committed suicide and how they played a part in it. It’s hard-hitting and soulful, and one to watch right now!

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