Stuffed Full On Easter Chocolate? Try This With Your Leftovers!


Photo by Sprinkles for Breakfast

Do you have a ton of chocolate left over from gorging yourself this Easter? I’m always trying to reduce the amount I eat but I always seem to get stuck with heaps once the holidays are over. Well, sometimes it is better to get rid of it all in one go rather than keep it around, so if you are struggling to fit in that last Caramel Creme Egg, here is a delightful recipe from Sprinkles for Breakfast that will help you put your mind at ease.

Technically, this recipe for Leftover Candy Cookie Pie is more traditionally a Halloween recipe, but I think the amount of chocolate consumed at both Easter and Halloween means that this recipe more than applies! Check out the tutorial here to say goodbye to your Easter leftovers in one delicious dessert.


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