Have A Cruelty Free Easter This Year

My husband and I have recently become vegans in the past eight months and it is by far the best decision we have ever made! Not only are we saving animals lives by not eating them or consuming products that are made only for them, but we’ve never been healthier, fitter and more conscience of being environmentally friendly.

However, this does also mark difficult times for us when celebrations roll around, especially occasions such as Easter where chocolate is consumed en masse and eggs are painted. We used to mark Easter by going to church and then having a huge Russian feast, complete with painting duck and chicken eggs before embarking to my parent’s house for a fun (and somewhat violent) chocolate Easter egg hunt. What are we going to do now that all of those traditions have gone out the window?

Start new ones of course!

Just because there were certain things we used to do as a tradition doesn’t mean they can’t be changed. Here are some ways you can enjoy a guilt free (and cruelty free) Easter full of celebration.


Photo by Eggnots

Paint Fake Eggs Instead of Real Ones

Painting hard boiled eggs was a fun tradition that was also both religious and creative, but who said that it had to be the actual eggs of chickens and ducks? You can purchase wooden or plastic eggs from many different craft stores, and depending on how crafty you want to get, the art at the end of it can look just as good. You can stick crepe paper to them, spray paint them, roll them in confetti and scatter stars and even roll them in sugar to create a shiny look. Put the eggs in a wicker basket for decoration and no one will be able to tell the difference!


Photo by Rawberry Fields

Give The Perfect Cruelty Free Gift

Substitutes are always available for vegetarians and vegans, and Easter is no different. Instead of eating milk chocolate eggs, vegan and dark chocolate Easter eggs are available for gift giving, or you can go one step further and give these adorable little Egglings – little eggs that crack to form plants like Basil for growing. Such a great idea!

You don’t even have to give egg style gifts. Some people I have spoken to actually trade pajamas and plants at Easter time because it’s always starting to get cold at that point so new pajamas are a way of preparing. They also swap indoor plants because it’s a way to keep some nature inside over winter and is a long lasting gift beyond chocolate or animal products. Such a great idea!


Photo by  Lauren Campbell Photography

Sit Down With A Cruelty-Free Celebratory Meal

Food can also be a huge celebratory event when it comes to holidays like Easter, but you don’t need to bring out the roasts like you usually would. Cook yourself and your family a delightful vegan feast instead with receipes like Deviled Tomatoes instead of Deviled Eggs, Spring Vegetable Tarts, Linguine with Asparagus and Portabella Mushrooms, Hasselback Potatoes and other such delightful delicacies.


Visit An Animal Sanctuary

Spend some time with actual Easter creatures that are the figureheads for this time of the year and go to an animal sanctuary in your nearby town. You can meet bunnies, ducks and lambs in the flesh without

I know my husband and I will be doing some of these fun cruelty-free Easter substitutes this year – what do you think you will do? Let me know in the comments section below!


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