Host A Westworld Themed Party


Have you watched the awesome HBO TV Show Westworld yet? If you haven’t, this is something that you need to get onto because it is RAD! Starring Evan Rachel Wood, Anthony Hopkins, James Marsden and Thandie Newton to name a few, Westworld is a TV show that was two years in the making (and yes, I am already getting withdrawals as season two isn’t slated for release until 2018!) that is a reboot from the classic movie of the same name.

Set inside a Western theme park filled with life-like robots that anything can happen to, the show moves in and out of a science fiction western realm. As robots begin to develop consciousness, and as the secrets of the inner workings of the park is revealed, the story develops into something so much more.

I love Westworld, and science fiction westerns, so much that I thought this fantastic TV show would make an excellent themed party. If you agree with me, here are some ways that you can host a Westworld theme party of your very own.


Photo from Counsel and Heal

Set the Scene

I know that Westworld is half future/half western – but the action, and the whole point of the science fiction behind the action, is to go back to a time of outlaws.

Do you know of a great bar that has the ambiance of a saloon? (with hipster bars popping up all over the place nowadays, it shouldn’t be too hard to find) What about a gold rush town now opened for tourists to pan for gold? Heck, do you even have access to the desert or a beach or a dusty location that you can host your party in? Choose the location wisely, because Westworld is all about taking a trip back in time.

In saying that though, maybe you can convert a few rooms into the modern era? That’s where you could set up your DJ booth and dance floor, have modern facilities, and even have dress up’s available for those who didn’t arrive in costume. This could be where guests could arrive before ducking behind a curtain and entering Westworld – just like in the show.


Photo by Themers

Add the Props

Build on your stage by adding dusty and well-worn furniture and accessories to your Westworld. Think scrubbed wooden tables, a long wooden bar, poker tables, maybe even a piano if you can get one (it played a pretty big part in Westworld to signify the start of a new day, so it would be a great authentic piece to get).

Then go crazy with extra decorations! There were many things that were popular in classic westerns – poker sets, gun-slingers, shots of whiskey, wanted posters, coffins, sheriff’s badges, horses. The list goes on forever. Get as many of them as you can and put them everywhere to help set the scene.


Photo by Fansided

Dress the Part

There were many people (and hosts) that made up Westworld – from sweet-natured farm girls like Deloras, studly bounty hunters like Teddy, Madam’s and call girls like Maeve and Clementine, cowboys like William, Villains like the Man in Black,  and hunky thieves like Hector.

If the wild wild west is not your taste, you could always go in more modern clothes suitable for members like the Board, and Bernard, or even channel the worker bees in big rubber gloves and white lab coats. They all got in on the action at the end of the day as well.

Dress the part, and the party will be more authentic and fun.

Let me know if you decide to have a Westworld themed party and how you went with it – I would love to hear about it in the comments section below.


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