Put Shavasana Into Your Next Celebration


Photo by Thoroughly Reviewed

I am a little bit obsessed with yoga. I love the idea of it, the practice of it, and the way it helps your body, mind and soul. It’s such a positive and engaging experience that I try and take part in at least twice a week. I’ve done yoga marathons with Wanderlust 108, done yoga challenges and joined in with similar classes such as Pilates and Body Balance. It’s such a popular and well-practiced activity that many people (myself included) would love nothing more than a day of yoga, slowing down the mind in a stressful environment and taking in the present.

Yoga is all about a celebration of the body, mind and spirit in one go, so why not mark a special occasion, like a birthday or a hen’s or bachelorette party, with a yoga party? Here are some ways you can make shavasana part of your next celebration.


Photo by Taro Taylor

Switch Your Party Dresses For Yoga Pants

First up, if you are having any kind of party ever then you should know that you have to look the part! You can’t do your ‘Salute to the Sun’ in a party dress and heels, so ditch the whole party look for a more yoga-appropriate attire. With some amazing brands out there like Running Bare, Nike and Lululemon Athletica, you can be stylish and comfortable – and who doesn’t want that?


Photo by Sara Ghedina

Switch Your Cakes For Kale

It’s not as gross as it sounds, I promise!

After you’ve worked up an appetite moving through your flows you are going to need something yummy to celebrate a job well done – and it is a party after all! However, yoga is all about a healthy connection to the mind and body so when serving up your dishes at your event it is best to avoid sugary party junk food like cakes and champagne and focus instead on serving healthy meals. You don’t have to go full green smoothie, but you can sip on orange juice Mimosas or pineapple smoothies, kale and walnut pesto served with bruschetta, cucumber bites, kale chips, healthy fruit and nut platters and max out on the quinoa and avocado. There are heaps of fun and healthy recipes to try, and as a bonus do something good for the world and go vegan by leaving out the animal products in the food– You’ll feel better and healthier for it, and the baby lambs will thank you!


Photo by Mike Ortiz

Switch Your Bunting For Tranquillity

The crux of a good party is always the décor, and luckily for you the décor for a yoga party is also super simple but very inspirational. Set out a yoga space with pretty mats and towels available for your guests use, set the mood with beautiful smelling candles and incense, fill the room with natural light, heaps of beautiful plants and greenery and maybe even a crystal or two, and draw on what makes you feel tranquil and calm. Add any elements that can help you relax and you will be ready to go!


Photo by Seattle Yoga News

Switch Your Adrenaline For An Instructor

And finally, it’s not a yoga party without partaking in some actual yoga! Hire your own private yoga instructor (most instructors are happy to lead smaller private parties in an extended session) and get them to lead the class through a series of exercises and flows, finishing on everyone favourite pose – corpse pose, or shavasana! They will bring their own music and class structure, so you won’t have to worry about organising a class for everyone, and all you have to do is show up and get on your mat.

Maybe once you are done with your yoga class, you can see if you can arrange a massage therapist to pay a visit to your guests or even arrange for a professional or even a DIY pedicure bar to continue the relaxation for your event. You will be guaranteed to have all the guests walking out with a big smile on their face.

Let me know if you’ve put together your own yoga party, and if so what did you do? Leave me a comment in the section below – I would love to hear from you!


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