5 Ways to Use Gemstones

Gemstones are an extremely versatile item. They are available in many different colours, sizes and styles, and their unique and pretty quality means that they speak of sophistication and elegance that is just right for a party or celebration. Here are five ways you can bring gemstones into your next event to create a very fancy affair.


Photo by Tell Love and Party

Hang Up Your Gemstones

There are many different ways that you can display your gemstones at your next party, and a really cute way that adds a bit of a rustic and fun vibe is by having an adorable gemstone wooden bunting string hanging across your wooden dessert table. To find out the steps on how to make your own follow the instructions at Tell Love and Party here.


Photo by Lovely Indeed

Bash Those Gemstones

Pinatas are always a fun party game and you can get some seriously blinging gemstone pinatas that will add the fun and flair you are looking for. You can buy some of these awesome gemstone pinatas online at places like Etsy.com, but you can also make your own pinatas by following the tutorial at Lovely Indeed.


Photo by Semi Sweet Designs

Eat the Gemstones

You know what might be just as enjoyable as wearing a collection of gemstones? Eating them! And by that I don’t mean eating actual gemstones, I mean eating a delicious array of gemstone shaped cookies and cakes. The beauty of the gemstone’s geometrical design is that the shape can be turned into almost any edible product, from cakes and cookies to delicate chocolates and even macaroons.

Follow the tutorial at Semi Sweet Designs and learn how you can even do it yourself!


Photo from Sprinkles for Breakfast

Stick A Gemstone In Everything

Gemstone toppers can be found from many different suppliers and for many different reasons. You can find paper gemstones stuck to sticks to be placed into donuts or cupcakes, you can find gemstone wrappers that sit on the end of your straw in your very fancy drink, or even edible gemstone jewels to be placed on a cake. The only question is, what can you not stick a gemstone on?


Photo by Rooted in Love Weddings

Use Actual Gemstones

Depending on the kind of gemstone party you are looking at having, you can actually buy a series of plastic gemstone lookalikes (or you can get real ones if your going glitzy) from many different online party stores. Then you can scatter them all over your table like you would confetti, or even score some bigger ones to star as a table centrepiece. Go big or go home right?


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