Have A Beauty and The Beast Themed Wedding

Beauty and the Beast is everywhere right now thanks to the release of the brand new movie starring Emma Watson. Beauty and the Beast is part of Disney’s prized princess collection and stems from a classic French novel with similar themes. It’s the ultimate love story, featuring a beautiful and intelligent woman falling in love with a person who is beastly and ugly, only to discover he has been put under a curse all along.

I love Beauty and the Beast and Belle has always been my favourite Disney princess. Even the Once Upon a Time version played by Emilie De Raven has been so profound in influencing me that my overall goal is to dress like Belle every single day.

And I pull it off. Mostly.

But whether or not you are obsessed with it like I am there is no denying that the classic love story of Beauty and the Beast would make for a beautifully romantic theme for a wedding. Here are some ideas on how to transform your big day into a tale as old as time.


Yellow And Blue Are Your Key colours

The Disney version of Beauty and the Beast is unmistakably drenched in the signature colours of yellow and blue. Yellow, because that is the colour of the lemon meringue style dress that Belle wears and Blue because of the royal colour of the Beast’s dinner jacket in the epic ballroom dance scene that they share together. Because of that scene, when you think of a colour scheme for Beauty and the Beast, you think yellow and blue.

Capitalise on this for your next theme. Have bright yellow silk tablecloths nestled next to a creme based background, or feature bright yellow flowers in a dark blue crystal vase. If you want the magic to be there from beginning to end, tie a yellow silk ribbon around a blue invitation when sending out the details of the party to your guests.

Whatever you do, make sure you make a yellow satin material as the main theme colour and add only a smaller element of blue to make it pop. Use a beige or creme tone to tie everything together and make sure you don’t feel like you have just walked into Big Bird’s house.


Photo by AzulOx Visuals

Belle’s Friends Are Your Friends

In the story of Beauty and the Beast, Belle make friends with a series of other characters who have been turned into everyday household objects. These characters include Mrs Potts and Chip, the mother and son teapot and teacup, Luminare the candelabra, and Cogsworth the old school style clock.

These friends of Belle just happen to make excellent decor items and a brilliant way to label the tables if featuring a Beauty and the Beast theme at your wedding. Use a gold painted candelabra on table one, a clock as the main centrepiece on table two, and a teapot and teacup on table three, and so on. You can even have a stack of vintage books on one of the tables to signify Belle’s love of reading. They can be in any style to match your overall feel for your event, but adding these colourful characters will tie the whole theme together.


Photo by AzulOx Visuals

The Enchanted Rose Can Be Yours Too

The main centrepiece of the Beauty and the Beast story itself is the enchanted rose encased in a glass dome inside Beast’s castle. The enchanted rose acts as a ticking clock to Beast’s curse, so it is imperative that you have an enchanted rose at your wedding or Beauty and the Beast themed event.

Make the rose a centrepiece for your event – place it as the table centrepiece for the bride and grooms table, have it sitting next to you as you sign your wedding certificate or even have it sitting next to your no doubt Beauty and the Beast themed cake. Make it the crux of your overall design!


Photo for Alfred Angelo and featured on Bridal Musings

And once you’re all done putting the theming together, it’s important that you and your husband to be all dress the part! I love this beautiful Belle themed Disney couture dress that you can get, and even debated wearing it for my own wedding before we decided to go on a casual affair. Make sure all your guests go formal, and you will be the Belle of the Ball!


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