Trending: Homemade Marshmallows


Photo by Emma Christensen

In the age of the healthy DIY a new trend has popped up for parties – giving your guests homemade fluffy marshmallows squares in sealed clear bags as a thank you gift for attending your party.

This trend came about just before the start of the American winter as a way to inject a bit of class and whimsy into the humble marshmallow that usually comes pre-packaged and gets stuffed into a hot chocolate. With the rise of hipsters, deconstructed everything, and off the book flavours, marshmallows were one of the first to become fluffy, square, and sometimes in flavours such as pumpkin and mint.

Well, now it’s the event worlds turn in getting these delightful revamped treats.

If you are keen to jump on this trend and make your own, check out this recipe for homemade marshmallows at The Kitchn. While you are there, I strongly suggest you check out the vegan alternatives too – take it that one step further and give your guests something cruelty free.

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