The People Behind The Party: Demure Allure

When it comes to planning a wedding there are many important factors that come in to play surrounding the “getting ready” on the big day. Brides are supposed to be at their most beautiful on their wedding day, and this comes with a lot of prepping – including finding the right wedding dress and accessories, and getting your hair, nails, and makeup done. Makeup is a routine women do every day, so going the next level for event make up is why brides put their faces into the trusted hands of professionals like Demure Allure

So without further ado I would like to introduce you to the Person Behind The Party – Canberra based makeup artist Demure Allure.


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a makeup artist and I provide mobile makeup services for all occasions in and around Canberra, Australia.

How did you get started in makeup artistry?

I have always been passionate about art in all its forms. I excelled in this in my studies and naturally makeup was a way for me combine my talent with my other passion that is health and beauty

Have you had any training?

I have a diploma of visual arts and am self-taught in makeup application. Through practical experience over the years I feel I have polished my skills to a level of confidence in sharing it with others and making my clients feel absolutely their most beautiful.


What inspires you to create your looks?

As with most any artists, inspiration comes from everywhere and everything. Depends on my mood that day also. Often the days I am feeling below par are the days I come up with the most vibrant, vivid makeup looks.

I also draw inspiration from the fashion industry and whilst keeping with my own style- I like to keep up with current beauty trends.


What has been some of your favourite looks that you have created?

Again it depends on my mood as to which looks I’m favouring. My top 3 are definitely my sugar-candy make up (that was a lot of fun and extremely tasty), rainbow eyes & a look I did for a client who has beautiful blue eyes by accentuating them with lovely copper tones.

What is your number one make up tip?

Don’t erase your base and start from scratch !! Translation: do not put foundation on the entire face and then go in “shading it” again (contour). For young women/men- your skin will never be this elastic and youthful again so don’t cover up what you don’t need to. For mature women/men- nor do you look good with a full face of foundation. It will make mature skin look heavy and unhealthy.


What is in the future for Demure Allure?

More fashion shows fingers crossed ! And continuing to grow my client base here in Canberra by impressing each beautiful face with a little makeup magic !

If you’re based in Canberra or the surrounding regions and want to use Demure Allure makeup artistry for your wedding or even costume events (she did Byron’s makeup for our Halloween party!) you can contact her by emailing or by checking out her social media pages at Facebook and Instagram.


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