5 Ways To Use Unicorns

The little girls who had the love affair with unicorns have now all grown up and are running their own businesses – from cafes and bars to cake decorators – and using their unicorn love to add that extra bit of flair to the everyday. Here are some ways you can add a little bit of unicorn to your next event – no children required.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 8.57.41 pm.png

Photo via HerCanberra

Unicorn Cakes

Unicorn cakes are such an in thing right now – super cute and super tasty, these cakes are decorated as a simple round cake with white fondant or buttercream icing smoothed along all edges. Adorned with a cute smiling face and topped with a golden crown and flowing rainbow mane, these unicorn cakes look too cute to eat, but when you open them up on the inside you find layers upon layers of delicious rainbow sponge! Ask your cake maker today if they can put one together for you.


Photo by Heather Lynn Photography for Frosted Petticoat

Unicorn Food

Unicorn food can be absolutely anything as long as it’s fabulous! Make rainbow meringues, cupcakes with rainbow icing, rainbow lollies shaped as unicorn horns, cake pops, marshmallows and even rainbow drinks, all you need to do to spread some unicorn magic is make the food delicious, rainbow, and sprinkle it with confetti and cut out stars.


Photo by Natalie Spencer Photography with The Party Parade

Unicorn Figurines 

The image of a unicorn is absolutely mandatory for a unicorn themed event, so get yourself an image or figurine of a unicorn to cast as the centerpiece to your event. It could be a carousel horse with a horn stuck on, a glittering gold cardboard silhouette, a paper mache prop, or even just a pinata, but any party is incomplete without the token unicorn.


Photo via Amazon

Unicorn Gifts

There are so many products out there nowadays that spread the magic of unicorns. From mugs, to glow in the dark flashing cups, to cookie cutters, earrings and even unicorn masks, you’ll be able to find something to suit your price range to give out to your guests as a thank you for attending your party.


Photo Carly Taylor Photography for  A Subtle Revelry

Unicorn Horns

Let’s face it, everyone wants to be a unicorn. They are magical and special and hard to come by. However, being at a unicorn themed party does mean that unicorns will come out to play and be everywhere. That’s ok, you just need to celebrate in being a rare (but not extinct!) breed and enjoy being a unicorn with everyone else, and what better way to do that then dress up as one?

Sure, you can wear one of those really cool unicorn onesies, or even a unicorn horse mask, but nothing says party game like making your own unicorn horn to wear. Make your own by following A Subtle Revelry’s tutorial here. 


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