Wedding Invitation Inspiration

You’ve probably seen some of these invitation examples on The Party Connection before, but if you’re looking for a one stop shop to get inspiration on how to set the perfect mood of your wedding, look no further than right here.


Photo by Jose Villa Photography. Photo by We Are Origami Photography


Photo by Shae Estella Photography

Intricate and Traditional

Using calligraphy and sweeping curvaceous fonts on your wedding invitations are an instant invite to a whimsical high-class event. Pair the elegant writing with intricate designs such as detailed florals, patterns or paper to create the ultimate in romantic wedding stationary that is perfect for more formal or semi-formal events.


Photo The Party Connection. Photo by Rachel Marine Creative


Bold and Clean

Bit more of a no-fuss-no-muss kind of couple? You can keep things clean and simple using bold fonts, clean lines, and plain stated colours. It will still scream formal event, but will be less frilly and more contemporary – perfect for more semi-formal or casual weddings that are more modern in style and design.


Photo by We Are Origami Photography.


Photo by Elli

Colourful and Contemporary

Right in the middle between clean and simple invitations and the sweeping romantic stationary lies the out of the box designs – colourful and whimsical, yet still a contemporary design. These invitations are sleek and stylish, without being over the top and are perfect for types of formal and semi-formal events.

So what type of event are you going to have and how will you convey that message in your invitations? Show me pictures! Send me an email to or even simply tag me on social media at @thepartyconnectionaustralia. I’d love to see your work!


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