Have A Summer Picnic!

Every celebration is unique, and can be attended by all sorts of different people from all different walks of life. You can have a huge blow out party or attend a music festival with hundreds of people, or you can have a small initimate gathering with a few close friends. Either option can be tailored as an event, celebration or party, no matter how many people are in attendance or what you do. It all comes down to the reason behind your celebration, and your tastes in parties.

To celebrate the festive season here in Australia, we invited some of our nearest and dearest for a different kind of Christmas party – a summer picnic! Down by a river on a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon, there was no doubt of the taste of freedom in the air – and it tasted pretty sweet! So I’ve put together a little list for you to help you determine what you need for the ultimate Summer picnic:


The Food

Food is the most important part of a picnic, so should be the main focus for yours! Bring your wicker picnic basket full of tiny bite sized portions of food, cutlery, napkins and picnic accessories, and your cooler full of delicious drinks. For our picnic, we had party sized gluten free vegan sausage rolls, mini gluten free vegan quiches, corn salad, walnut and rocket salad, watermelon and raspberry salad, fruit-laden jugs of Pims, vodka and soda’s, rosemary and sea salt chips, crackers and dips, and salted caramel popcorn. Go gourmet for your picnic and we promise it will be twice as nice!


The Blankets

Set yourself with an excellent picnic spread to top off the occasion, because picnic blankets are what makes the picnic a little more celebratory and like a planned event. For our set up we opted for Sack Cloth and Ashes blankets that we have, as well as have bestowed on our friends as a gift. They are gorgeous designs and bohemian colours, and for every blanket sold they donate a blanket to the homeless – now that’s special!

We also adorned the rugs with heaps of cushions to lounge on, and added a dog or two (ok, we had three attend!) to make it super homely and comfy. If you want an additional great idea as well, check out Tara Milk Tea and her amazing set up using a wooden crate as a table – what a great idea!


The Activities

The thing about picnic’s is that if you want it to be a long and lengthy affair, you are going to need to provide activities so your guests don’t just up and leave after they’ve had their fill of food. At our picnic we hosted games such ad badminton, horse shoes, and that weird game where you catch a ball in a claw like thing (double points if you can tell me what that game is!), and we of course went swimming in the nearby river to cool off after sitting in the sun.

One of my top picks for activities at a picnic is to get a bit fancy and play a game of croquet, or play a game of giant Jenga – it’s all about the fun.


The Friends

So you’ve got the food, the picnic blanket set up and the games to play – now all you need are your guests to attend! Invite over your friends and family and nearest and dearest and have them embark on a fun Summer afternoon with you. Add some dogs and you have one rocking good time!

Check out some more of our awesome Christmas picnic here:







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