Party Round Up – January


Photo by Jose Villa Photography

Welcome to 2017! I hope that your New Year’s Eve was a glamorous fun-filled one, and that you haven’t broken your New Year’s Resolution quite yet. I plan on having quite a productive year this year, and it all kicked off with the launch of my Premium Party Packs on the 5th January to coincide with the selling of my eBook Secrets of a Party Planner at the shop. I had big plans for my Premium Party Packs, and while they may not have come into fruition, it’s led me on the path to bigger and better things, so I thought it would be time to share it all with you.

Speaking of which, I have some great news coming to my blog in just a matter of days – I’m a published author and I am finally ready to introduce you to my novel Cosmic Decay: Contamination! Stay tuned during February to find out what it is all about, and how you can get your hands on it.

There’s also plenty of other things happening right now at The Party Connection HQ, but I won’t bore you with the details right now. To keep you going, check out some of these amazing parties and events that have been doing the rounds and feast your eyes on the next year of parties!

Party Round Up:

  • I am digging the styling on this amazing sparkly, and not-at-all-lost-in-the-woods Hunger Games themed wedding.
  • Love the Party Round Up feature photo this month? Than dive deep into the Jose Villa Photography files on Style me Pretty and thank me in the morning!
  • I love the colourful centerpiece featured in this Roller Disco Bride shoot on Rock n Roll Bride, and this Adventure Time themed wedding is downright mathematical!
  • Back in November, Troian Bellisario (Spencer from Pretty Little Liars) got married to her boyfriend Patrick Adams from Suits and their wedding was a hippie bohemian glamping affair straight out of the pages of Hansel and Gretal (complete with a candy trail leading guests to the forest ceremony). So, not only did it seem like Troian had an epic Italian Bachelorette party (#bellisariogetsbooted anyone) but her wedding was so cute! Some people really do get it all!
  • This Pink Flamingo wedding captured by photographer Beck Rocchi is stellar, and shows that you don’t need a huge guest list to have a great time.
  • Check out this amazing interview with The Secret Supper Club and find out why long lengthy dinner parties are having a big moment right now!
  • This rose party from Hooray is all pink, purple delicious bubbles and I want in!

Other Articles:

  • I have actually spent HOURS on the travel blog of Gypsea Lust recently devouring her beautiful well-set travel photos and wishing I was on an adventure. I found this lovely Brisbane lady in her travels with Jack Morris from Do You Travel and their work together is absolutely stunning! They are worth checking out and becoming a fan, but if you do just don’t do what this one person did and take their fandom a bit too far… Not sure what I mean? See the copycat here.
  • Check out National Geographic’s best photos of 2016
  • These dogs do yoga and they’re the absolute best!

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