The Alphabet Files – “G” Themed Parties

Do you have a “G” themed party coming up? There are quite a lot of costumes you can dress up as that are versatile for all different genders, ethnicity and general style. Check out some of the best here:



The beauty about dressing up as a genie to a costume party is that not only will you look pretty rockin’ but there are a few genie characters out there you can choose from that are sure to match your mood. You can channel your inner I Dream of Jeannie and wiggle your nose in a pink, midriff baring fabricated outfit, or you can paint yourself blue and go shirtless as Robin Williams’ Genie from Aladdin. Even a classic genie with an oil lamp and a rug will come over well at a G themed party.


Photo from Mama Blog


Dressing up as a ghost is a classic for any Halloween costume party, so don’t go past the idea for a “G”themed party. The most iconic look for a ghost is to really just put a white sheet over your head and cut out holes for eyes, but you can also dress and paint yourself completely in white if you don’t want to go for the sheet option. You can also buy a ready made ghost “sheet”instead of using your mum’s as well.

mason and proton pack back

Photo by Sweeten Your Day Events


There is a massive cult following in the wake of the iconic ghost movie starring Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver, and with the 2016 role-reversal reboot starring Kirsten Wiig and Chris Hemsworth, Ghostbusters has proven itself to be a great iconic costume for all genders and walks of life. Super cute tan Ghostbusters rompers are available for purchase online, and if you pair it with an inflatable/ cardboard backpack proton pack you will be all ready to face down your ghosts in no time!


Photo from Love to Know

God or Goddess

Feeling like you want to be a little bit fancy for your “G” themed costume party? Then channel the Gods themselves with a Roman or Greek God attire. Think floaty white robes, large gold ornate belts and headpieces, and ropey sandals. You can purchase a ready made God or Goddess style tunic from  many different costume stores online, but if you happen to own a floaty dress or two than you will be all set to DIY the costume.

For a bit more of an authentic flavour, choose a God or Goddess from mythology and tailor your costume to their theme and powers. Going with Aphrodite, the Goddess of love? Maybe a red robe will be more your taste. Going as Zeus, the King of Gods? Get yourself a long white beard to stand out!


Gomez Addams

Gomez Addams – with his pinstriped suit, moustache, cigars, and penchant for his “carra mia” Morticia Addams- is one of the sexiest characters out of the TV world. The Addams Family is a classic gothic television show and if I go to as a costume party and someone hasn’t dressed up as the loved up perfect couple of Morticia and Gomez, I just might cry.

So please, to avoid the tears, flatten your hair, stick on a suit and a fake mo’and get schmoozing!


Groucho Marx

My father went as the 1940’s comedy and vaudeville star Groucho Marx to a party once, and it such an excellent and unique idea! Groucho Marx was a comedian of slapstick in his own right, but more famously was part of The Marx Brothers – slapstick comedians that was made up of Harpo, Chico and sometimes Zeppo. Groucho is the leader of the pack, and the moon-eyed romantic in most of the films.

Dressing up as Groucho is pretty straight forward – he is usually in a 1940’s style black and white suit, but what made Groucho a unique costume was his black rimmed glasses and a painted on moustache – so much so that modern fake- nose-and-glasses props were designed after his signature look. At least that means the costume props will be easy to get!

$RKTGZXO.pngGrumpy Cat

I saw this picture of Chris Colfer from Glee and just knew that I had to include it in this list! This costume is perfect for any cat or meme lovers and doesn’t require much of a costume at all if you are having a hard time getting together an outfit. All you need are some cute cat ears and get your make up brushes out.

If you have been to a costume party in any of these costumes (or any other characters starting with G)send some snaps my way! You can leave them in the comment section below or email me at

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