Party Dress Inspiration

Got an event coming up that you aren’t sure what to wear to? These are some of my favourite collection of dresses that have been featured on my website over the years, focusing more on being a guest at these events, as opposed to a bridesmaid or bride. If you want to see some more of those formal types of dresses, check out my article here.

 14750060943817$!x900.jpg staciachris-806-1240x1860.jpg

Photo by Jose Villa Photography. Photo by Beck Rocchi Photography 


Photography Alana Blowfield


Semi-Formal Events are a bit fancier and heading into expensive territory, but you can rock a great dress without going full bridesmaid. For all formal or semi-formal occasions, always go with a longer maxi dress or a dress that cuts off somewhere between knees and ankles, and flashes a bit of skin – but not too much! Go respectful, go tasteful, but feel free to get a bit bohemian with it. It’s not quite a wedding… yet.

People will also wear shorter dresses to semi-formal events, but those dresses need to be a little more intricate when it comes to material – think shiny fabrics, lace and crocheted work and fancy accessories.


Photo by Beck Rocchi Photography

558b0ef1ed8fdx900  weareorigami_samaaron_wedding_lr-549

Photo by Jose Villa PhotographyPhoto by We Are Origami Photography.


Cocktail dresses are my favourite and will suit almost any occasion, meaning that if you are a bit confused as to what the dress code is you can go cocktail to ensure that you are more dressed up than completely casual.

Cocktail dresses are shorter in length (usually just above or just below the knees)and were known to be worn as “late afternoon/ early evening” frocks. You can have absolutely any style, fabric or print to count and can bare a lot more skin than you would at a formal function, so the cocktail dress is the most versatile. Go gold, sequins, pretty quilted patterns, block colours with intricate backs, netting, floral A-line dresses or block skirts.


Photograph by Kristina Lee Photography

  558b0eeb91846x900 558b0f96da9d8$!x900.JPG

Photos by Jose Villa Photography


Photograph by Kristina Lee Photography


Casual is exactly as it sounds – you can come in whatever you would generally wear on the weekend, as long as it’s not ratty sweatpants (it’s still a ‘do after all!) Jeans and pants are totally ok, but if you’re heading to an event I strongly suggest that you don a neat shirt if wearing jeans. Fabrics like cotton are a great option, because they are light and flowy, and you can mix patterns and colours that are more mutual and more casual. Neat sandals and flats are also ok if you’re not into donning a big stack of heels.

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