Have A Perfect Illusion Themed Party

Have you checked out Lady Gaga’s single for her new album Joanne that dropped late last year? It’s called Perfect Illusion and it’s a song that is so close to perfection itself that I can’t stop jamming to it!

It’s made it to my regular gym rotation because it’s such a high energy song that keeps you going – if Lady Gaga can have that much energy for 4 minutes than I can certainly keep jogging in time with her!

It’s such pure perfection that I thought it would go super well with a Burning Man themed party. Here are some ways that you can tie the Perfect Illusion video in with a Burning Man themed party, and how you can have one of your very own.


Photo by Michelle and Damien Photography

Dusty Location

A very common locale in Perfect Illusion and in celebrating Burning Man is that both events take place in the desert (with appropriate access to power and facilities of course!) and this is key to giving you a perfect Perfect Illusion themed party. If you live somewhere near the desert (or the beach for the sandy vibes) set up your party nearby, or if you are a little way off the dust of the desert, then see if there is an old barn or horse stable nearby that might do the trick – there is bound to be a heap of rustic dirt and dust to satisfied the mood of the party location!

Add to the desert vibe with succulents, cactus, and other desert flora and fauna as table decorations.


Rock it Out!

The vibe of the desert met the vibe of a music festival during the Perfect Illusion video, and this is exactly the kind of style you want to embrace – think rock concert or music festival at night and you will be 100% there. Get yourself a live band (or DJ) with a  big space for people to dance, mosh and have a good time. Decorate with bare bones black metal scaffolding, pumping lights, smoke and fog machines, and a hole bunch of dancing, sweaty bodies.


Photo by Michelle and Damien Photography

Get Festival Flair

At places like Burning Man there is a particular kind of flair sported by all the attendees, and you can find a more watered down version at music festivals around the country as well, which is more the focus of outfit choices for Lady Gaga in her video. Choose how far you want to go, but chose with layers and heat.

For Burning Man influences, think overlapping layers of corsets, fishnets, books, leopard print, steampunk goggles, hats, and sunnies. Think desert steampunk, or Mad Max.  For a more Perfect Illusion festival look think cropped tank tops, black shirts, high-waisted butt-bearing denim cut off shorts, gold tribal tattoos, flowing blonde hair, and flower crowns.

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