Party Round Up – December Bumper Issue


Can you believe that it is the end of 2016 already? It feels so surreal because honestly I remember our last New Years eve like it was just yesterday – my friends and I road tripped to Melbourne from the South Coast and camped along the way before we stayed at a beautiful apartment opposite Luna Park in St Kilda. We went to the gym early on the last day of 2015 (where I really mark us as getting super into the gym and getting super fit) and went to a garden New Years Eve party early in the afternoon before slipping into our fabulous New Years glam and went to a rooftop bar in the city. It was an interesting night to say the least, and now I can’t believe it’s the end of the year and we are about to do it all over again!

2016 has been full of ups and downs. We became vegan gym junkies and I lost almost 10kgs in the year. My husband hurt his back, but has recovered, and we had very interesting relationship responses ending in a very strong way. This year was all about getting healthy and positive and I feel like we are in a better place mentally and physically than we were at the start of the year. I started the long journey of publishing my first work of fiction, was met with disappointment involving that, but saw a silver lining. My eBook Secrets of a Party Planner came out, I changed day jobs to a wonderful positive environment, and I met one of my authoring idols. We went to New Zealand and explored the beautiful areas there, and cycled around Rottnest Island and spent some time in Perth.

Christmas will be a very busy one this year, but with a few weeks at the beach I am looking forward to unwinding and settling in for what 2017 will bring. I hope it’s been a great year for you and that 2017 will be just as amazing, and I hope that you continue to come along for the ride with me and The Party Connection.

See you in 2017!

Party Round Up:

Other Articles:

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  • These photos are absolutely stunning!
  • Have you watched the first season of Westworld? If you haven’t, GET ON THAT NOW! It’s my new favourite show 🙂

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