The Alphabet Files – “F”Themed Costumes

It’s Christmas time and that means that there are some serious Christmas party celebrations going down! Whether you’re having a work get together to celebrate winding down for the year, hanging with your friends or feasting with your family, there is definitely a party or two that may just require you to don a costume. Luckily for you, I have some great ideas for costumes that happen to start with the letter F – and they’re not rude!


Photo by Molly Marking

Father Christmas

Or otherwise known as Santa Claus, because hey, it IS Christmas! Get yourself a big red suit, hat, glasses and white beard and be the jolly fat man everyone expects to show up at Christmas party.

Or be a slutty santa – either way is fine by us!


Photo by McClave


A fireman or fire woman are absolute heroes of the day, rescuing people from burning buildings at the risk of their own lives. Because of this, they are a career and profession that many look up to and many want to be – so why not live out the fantasy of being a hero for atl east a costume party and go as a fireman (fire woman)?

This costume is in great demand and very versatile – you can get sexy versions, family friendly versions, funny versions and even ones for your pet. You can buy these kinds of costumes from anywhere, so you won’t ever be in short supply or being running out of ideas for your costume.

1920's Great Gatsby

Flapper Girl

Since The Great Gatsby came out at the movies there has been one consistent theme that hasn’t declined in popularity – 1920’s flapper girls and prohibition gentlemen gangsters! The 1920’s came and it stayed with hipster bars, cute Baker boy hats, flapper dresses and headpieces. If you are struggling with a “F” themed costume, than go back in time and go as a flapper girl (Flapper guy? Not sure if this works for the males amongst who would more likely go as gangsters) because chances are you already have the costume in your wardrobe.


Photo from


What does the fox say? Being an animal at a costume party is always a cute way to dress if you want to steer clear of characters that might be on everyone else’s radar as well – and there is nothing cuter than a fox (other than a bunny, but we won’t get into those kind of bunnies!) Go with an orange outfit, get yourself a pair of furry orange ears and invest in a furry orange tail to complete the look. This outfit would also look adorable on a child too, so don’t forget to think of a Mama Fox and a Baby Fox if you are so inclined!


Photo by Nathan Rupert

Frankenstein’s Monster

Before there was horror movies like Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween, there was horror classics such as Dracula and Frankenstein. Fun fact, Dr Frankenstein is the mad scientist behind the neck-bolt wearing monster, so if you are looking for a bit more of a fun and science-based costume than this is definitely one that you can go with, but if you want to be a bit more classic costume than you should definitely don a sky high black hairdo, paint your face green and add some black surgical scars to go as Dr Frankenstein’s monster.


Photo by Ryan Quick

Fred from Scooby Doo

Ah, where would our beloved Daphne be without Fred? If you are looking for a couples costume, look no further than the Scooby Doo gang’s ultimate power couple. Fred is a pretty easy costume – make sure you are wearing blue pants, a white shirt (with a blue collar would be preferable!) and top it off with a platinum blonde ‘do (if you’re not already blonde you’ll have to get a wig – Fred is all about the hair!) and a red ascot for added flair.

Check out The Alphabet Files – D Themed Costumes for the Daphne how to, and stay tuned for Shaggy and Velma in future articles!


Freddy Kruger

Freddy Kruger is the ultimate in horror costumes – go to any Halloween or dress up party and you will find a Jason or a Freddy. Why is that? Not only are they an iconic horror movie characters, but they are so easy to dress up as! A red and green sweater and hat? Easy! All you need is a Freddy Kruger glove for your (fake) killing spree and you’ll be ready to tear it up in no time.


Photo by Tinmay Yu

Frenchie from Grease!

Sure, Sandy and Danny are the go to Grease couples costume, and Rizzo is by far the most badass a character you can get, but you will never find anyone in the Grease cast more fun than the beauty school dropout herself Frenchie! Whether you don hair that is as beautiful “as a pineapple” blonde, or match with the bubblegum pink, Frenchie will have you looking as darling as they come.

Stay tuned for more alphabet themed costumes in the coming year!

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