Host An All Natural Christmas


Photo by Top Ten

Thinking about having a bit of a homemade Christmas this year? If you’re going for a more natural present vibe, with bakers twine, paper wrapping and homemade snacks, nothing will go better with your Christmas than having au natural Christmas decorations.


Photos by Top Ten

Tree trunk cake platters were very popular this year, and easy to get a hold of, so think of using these platters – or other more organic serving wear and platters – as table centerpieces and place candles, pine cones and holly around the table and the food.


Photos by Top Ten

Use organic wooden table settings, fill glass Mason jars with rosemary, cranberries, water and floating candles, and hang handmade Christmas tree ornaments that are made out of pine cones. Anything wood or tin is your best friend, and succulent Christmas season fruits like cherries and berries will add to your Christmas colour scheme.

Let me know if you do something similar! Hashtag #thepartyconnectionau on Instagram and let me see, or email me at

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