DIY Christmas Crackers


Photo by Jackie Wonders

If you love a bit of a handmade touch to your Christmas festivities then do I have a fun DIY project for you! Every Christmas, it’s tradition to pop Christmas Crackers to receive the little plastic toys that break instantly, the bad jokes and the paper hats inside. Why not give your Christmas Crackers a glamourous spin by making them yourself! The beauty of doing this means that you can put whatever you want in them (goodbye plastic comb!) and can decorate them to match your Christmas theme. Here is how you can make it yourself:

Items you need:

  • Empty toilet paper rolls (one for each guest)
  • Wrapping paper (whatever you would like to match your Christmas dinner table)
  • Crepe Paper
  • Sticky tape
  • Baker’s twine or ribbon
  • Chocolates, Presents and a printed joke found on the internet to go inside.
  • Any other decorations you would like!


  1. Create a classic Christmas party crown by cutting into the crepe paper in a crown shape. Use sticky tape to keep them together if you cut along the paper in a line.
  2. Fold the paper crown and put it in the empty toilet paper roll along with your small sized chocolates, bad joke that you have printed from the internet, and any other goody you like.
  3. Cut a rectangle of wrapping paper out, making sure you have enough to completely cover the roll and tie at the end like a bon-bon. 
  4. Stick one side of the wrapping paper to the toilet paper roll with tape and roll so that it is fully covered. Stick the end of the wrapping paper together with tape.
  5. Scrunch the end of the wrapping paper that is hanging loosely beyond the edge of the toilet paper roll so that it looks like a bon-bon candy. Use ribbon or baker’s twine to tie around the scrunched part to keep it’s shape. Do this on both end of the cracker.
  6. Once completed, put on your dining table with your Christmas set up and get ready for your guests to pop it!

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