Party Round Up – November


Photos by Byron Carr

Where did the year go? Seriously? How is it already November? It feels like just yesterday that we came home from our trip to South America and that was exactly a year ago! So much has happened in between – I changed jobs, I got a book deal, I threw myself into the gym (sometimes quite literally) and feel like I have mentally and physically done a complete 180!

November has been pretty sweet recently with the tail end of our Halloween celebrations taking place, the international Wonderlust festival jogging into our hearts here in Canberra (a 5k run, 75mins worth of yoga and a meditation session – yes please!) and birthday celebrations galore. With Spring in the air, the bubbles in your drink starts to flow and the end of the year is in sight so enjoy with some of these excellent internet rounds:

Party Round Up:

Other Articles:

  • With a self recommendation that is a glowing image of wellness, Bianca Cheah has cemented herself in style and fitness to be a leading authority on women who make working out look good. My Other Articles segment this week takes a look and celebrates the people of Instagram who lead a healthy and fabulous marbled life. Check out Bianca Cheah’s website for articles like doing yoga in the desert (because why not?) and her review of anti-gravity yoga, which definitely appeals to ladies like me who used to aerial gymnastics!
  • While you are on the subject of checking out other ladies of fitness fabulousness, you need to go to Kayla Itsines and her “Bikini Body Challenge” for a workout that WORKS with thousands of girls everywhere (including me!) testifying to the change. Besides her great program available she also gives you healthy tips that actually work, such as
  • Wild Sage Wellbeing has me obsessing over doing more yoga – I feel the need for a retreat coming on! I should just start a fitness and wellbeing website shouldn’t I? Let me know in the comments if you think I should!
  • I’ve been doing Gala Darling’s Bad Witch Workout at the start of November and I’ve seen it become such a positive influencing change, not just to me but to other girls as well. Check it out and join the program today!
  • Sophia Amaruso, who started the fashion company Nasty Gal, also started the Girlboss movement, and her website is kick ass! Check it out here today and check out her article on The Women’s Agenda.
  • Mila Kunis is done with sexism and here is why.
  • Bono made Glamour magazine’s international women’s list for some reason…
  • I love this video starring Kristen Bell highlighting the wage gap for women. It’s excellent, and hilarious!

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