The Alphabet Files – “E” Themed Costumes

Halloween may be over but with summer celebrations on the way you may just need more ideas for themed costumes. Here is my E themed list!


Edward Scissorhands

Johnny Depp’s famous character that rose him to the top is arguably Edward Scissorhands – the shy and reserved bondage wearer with scissors for hands and crazy hair in Tim Burton’s classic film. You can go in two directions with this outfit – black latex straight out of an erotica, or go with the classic casual shirt look that Glee’s Harry Shum Jr donned one Halloween. Whatever you do, make sure you get yourself a really crazy wig and some scissor hands (which are available to purchase from Halloween costume stores).


Photo by Nessa K

Eleven from Stranger Things

Stranger Things is one of the top trending TV shows at the moment with it’s epic horror sci-fi story line and it’s dripping 80’s nostalgia. But what helps makes Stranger Things the best TV show of 2016 is it’s strong  characters – including the amazing collection of female queens that arguably dominate the hour episodes. There’s badass Nancy, determined mama bear Joyce, Queen of Cult Barbara, and the amazing telekinetic Eleven.

Because of how awesome Eleven was as a character (think badass Charlize Theron in the Mad Max remake) she became the costume of Halloween 2016. However, because a majority of the time she has a shaved head and a hospital down on, everyone came dressed as her more “feminine”look that she used to walk around town in – a blonde wig, pink dress, blue jacket and sneakers. This look is classic Eleven, and if you ever have an E themed party to attend this is the look you want to go for.

halloween elsa costume 2014 - coronate dress. gloves crown-f08326.jpg

Photo by Garam and Dall

Elsa from Frozen

You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t know the words to “Let it go!” by the Disney/ Pixar movie Frozen. This movie about love, sisterhood and accepting who you are resonates with young girls and women alike and the idea of going as Princess Elsa with her light braids and cute little simple dress is sure to be a popular idea at an E themed party. Get in early, and get in best dressed before busting out a rendition of “Do you want to build a snowman?”


Photo by Alien Girl


Ah Elvira, the mistress of the night. She’s as gothic as Morticia Addams, but a little sexier and camper, Elvira is the hostess of horror from a 1988’s comedy film. With hair tied in a huge beehive at the top of her head, long spooky pointed fingernails and a bares all dress that really does bare all, Elvira is an iconic character who shouldn’t be absent from any E themed party – horror or otherwise!

Elvis And Marilyn Monroe Costumes.jpg

Photo by Incredible Events

Elvis Presley

Is there anyone more ingrained in pop culture than Elvis Presley? The beauty of going to a party as the King of Rock and Roll is that you have tons of outfit inspirations to choose from – perhaps you’ll go in his iconic swinging white jumpsuit, or perhaps a pompadour and a black leather jacket? You can don a striped shirt underneath for Jailhouse Rock, or maybe even bust out the gold lame suit. All you need to do is swing a guitar round you and bust out some pelvic thrusts to “You ain’t nothin’ but a hounddog!” and the ladies will melt! (Or fellas – lady Elvis’ are just as amazing!)


Photo by Greyloch

Eric Northman

Going to a party but don’t want to get too dressed up? Going as True Blood’s Eric Northman (played by Alexander Skarsgard) would be perfect! Put on some brooding black clothes, add a leather jacket and maybe a blonde wig (or not if your actually blonde!) and bring some vampire fangs and you will have an easy costume ready to go!

This would also make a great couples costume if your partner goes as Sookie – because everyone knows that Eric and Sookie were a much better couple (TV speaking of course!)


Photo by Hellcat for Rameiko


I love this beautiful photo of Esmerelda – the love interest for the Hunchback of Notre Dame. She’s a sassy, beautiful gypsy and anyone would rock this glorious look! Add a shimmie belt and a tambourine and get a bit whimsical for some serious flair.


Evil Queen, Evil Doll, Evil Clown, Evil Anything!

Putting a dark twist on anything will almost guarantee that you will be Halloween ready, and can be a little bit more fun and frivolous at your costume party, because you’re only letting your dark side out – right?

Shoving an “Evil” in front of anything will make you all good on the E front to go as what you want – whether that’s an evil queen, evil clown, evil magician (complete with rope maiden if so inclined!), I’ve even seen an evil Little Red Riding Hood costume before. It’s a little sexier and a little darker, but it will work every time.


Photo by KikiMJ-Stock

The Exorcist

Technically, she’s not the “Exorcist” and actually starts with an R for Ragen, but you get the idea! My husband was super keen to do a couples costume as the Exorcist girl who gets possessed and the priest that tries to cure in the movie of the same name. It’s a great idea – paint your face a really sickly pallor, put cuts filled with blood on your face and walk around in a classic white night gown and bare feet – you will definitely be the most comfortable person at the party!

The priest makes it a good couple’s costume, and easy one to find. If you search Halloween costumes you will find one pretty quickly, so you won’t have any excuse!

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